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Is anyone in the Feb class 08 class. Anyone thinking about going the private college route instead of waiting around for community college? If you did the private route do you regret it or recommend... Read More

  1. by   West Valley
    Quote from knit1purl2
    50k!!! if you can, tell us what that figure encompasses? i have received some information from some of the students there and they said that you can transfer 30+ credits that would knock off 11k+. also, that everest encourages you to transfer as many prerequs as possible and is okay with you taking them concurrently with nursing school. did they say if they have a wait list at the time?

    i really appreciate any and all information that you and others are able to share.
    not sure. i will try to find the paper work if i didn't throw it out. the price was just a turn off. they do encourage you to transfer in credits to decrease the cost. the counselor also mentioned that at that time there was no waiting list.
  2. by   sassiebaz
    The last time I spoke with an admissions rep, she encouraged me to get my testing done and reserve my spot (so to speak) because she was under the impressions there may be an increase in applicants. She used the term waiting list as a possible way to get me to come in and do my testing. I told her I was atleast a year out for starting school. I still don't know if I can justify that kind of $$$ for school. I'd rather just get my LPN and take the long route to get my RN.....
  3. by   AZMOMO2
    I lost the paperwork on what the classes were for that but I'd be interested to know what their program consists of and where would be a good place to cut corners on costs. IE what the classes were each semester etc until just the core nursing class were left
  4. by   andimp00
    For those of you still looking into Everest they do let you transfer in as many non-nursing classes as you want as long as your grades were C or above. That does cut down on the $$$. I am at the end of Block II now. Just a few weeks before finals. There have been ups and downs. Some of them associated with the problems of it being a new program, and some of them I believe you would have anywhere. All in all, I am glad I chose this program. I am almost half way through and my education, which is what is important, I feel has been top quality! I cannot say enough about my instructors. If any of you have ?s, let me know. I am happy to answer as many of them as I can.
  5. by   AZMOMO2
    Thank you for the update. I was impressed when I went there and figured that even though it was a new program that their goal was to provide the best education. K was impressing when I spoke with her. Its all about the money why I didn't go there, but I got into the Gateway LPN program for spring so I'll just take a little longer to the RN. With loans I think I'll have about 10,000 in student loans at the end instead of 45,000. Keep us posted and congrats on the program!
  6. by   AstrelONE
    has anyone who applied for the jan '09 class gotten any acceptance letters/calls yet?

    i applied for the ontario one, btw.
  7. by   lipbalmqueen
    hi astrelone!
    i started jan 09.
    did u get in as well?