double pay for overtime in Phoenix

  1. I live in eastern Pa. and a regional nursing publication has an ad from a headhunter for a Phoenix area hosptial that pays $38.75 an hour, top rate, includes benefits, 15% differential for 7PM-730AM and double time for OT. They are also advertising a $7500 relocation package. We have family in the Phoenix area and will be moving there in June '08. Does anyone know which hospital they are advertising for? Basically I need to maintain my current rate, $41.00/hr. I have 13 years of experience and have worked in most hospital settings. We're flying down in January to visit and I'd like to set up some interviews. Any help, either a response to this thread or PM's would be greatly appreciated. One more question. My wife has a certificate as a medical assistant, is a CNA and has worked a few years as a unit secretary. 15+ years experience. What would you estimate her salary range to be in the Phoenix area?
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  3. by   sassiebaz
    I can answer your questions about MA's. Typically walking into a new position even with the experience your wife has, she will make about $15 an hour. That's usually where they top out at. I hear CNA's are typically the same in LTC. Of course they never start that much with new CNA's but I am assuming with her experience. But, who know's, if they are desperate, maybe she can get more$$. If she wants to get her LPN she can make $22-$24 an hour in LTC. Good luck with the move. Sorry I can't personally answer your questions about R.N's.
  4. by   Curious1alwys
    That might be Banner Health. I know double overtime, 15% shift diff (rumored to be going up to 20%), bennies, all applies but not sure about the rate they are offering per hour. I only know what new grads get. Sorry! I say just start interviewing at as many places as possible as many of the hospitals try to stay competetive. Hope you find what you are looking for!
  5. by   Calzonan RN
    I know Chandler REgional also pays double time for overtime, and a lot of times they also pay an incentive as well. My friend was getting $250 for coming in and double time as well. Plus CHW usually pays 18% shift dif and I know St. Joes also pays 10% weekend dif on top of the shift dif (not sure if Chand Reg. does as well). There's lots of opportunity out here, especially for nurses with experience!!
  6. by   RainDreamer
    St. Joes, Chandler, and Mercy Gilbert are all CHW hospitals. I know St. Joes pays 18% differential for nights and 10% for weekends. Chandler Regional pays 20% for nights, but I'm not sure about Mercy Gilbert.

    St. Joes will pay double time for overtime IF they are in critically staffing need. It's a huge hospital and it's very busy. If you are flexible between units and don't mind floating, then you'd definitely be able to pick up extra shifts on full/understaffed units. And in those cases, yes, it would be double time. It's very seasonal here though, so some units are busier at certain times of the year (winter is busy for the adult/peds floors, summer is busy for OB/PP/NICU).

    Check out Banner too. I know Banner Good Sam is paying double overtime for critical staffing needs too. Again, these hospitals (St. Joes, Banner Good Sam) are big hospitals, in downtown Phx, that are big and busy, and could always use the nurses.
  7. by   gwlillith
    I'm thinking of a travel position out there first before I move permanently. How's the job sitchie during the summer months? Do these facilities utilize travelers after April?