Banner Desert or PCH???

  1. I want to work in the NICU and I currently have an extern in the NICU. However, I am extreamly concerned with choosing the best first job as a nurse. Anyone have any advice good or bad on where I should go? I am obviously looking at either Desert or PCH. I just want to make the best decision because I think your first year as a new nurse is the most important one.
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  3. by   jamonit
    PCH, no question. they are amazing...literally the best.
  4. by   boomerfriend
    I heard it's hard to get a position at PCH. Is that true?
  5. by   JMurse89
    Banner was where my mom had her hysterectomy. She was treated great there and the nurses seemed to enjoy their job. We were always greeted with a smile. Just a firsthand opinion

  6. by   Victoriakem
    I am moving to the Phoenix area very soon & would like some info on Banner & any Scottsdale hospitals. Thanks!:angel2:
  7. by   jamonit
    phoenix children's hospital is the only peds-specific hospital. it is a beautiful and child-friendly setting. it is obvious that everyone who works there wants to work there. they have a 40 bed picu and a large nicu. seriously, unbeatable hospital. benefits are great, and they have a new grad program that starts new nurses in the PICU, NICU, heme/onc, and the ED. it's an intensive 16 week + training and preceptorship. to get into their new grad program you need a 3.0 gpa, 2 letters of rec from your clinical instructors, and you gotta interview well. it's competitive, but not impossible to get in. they select 60 new grads per new grad new grad class starts the 12th of feb. the next new grad class begins in july. if you're interested in the july class, apply asap. i'm thrilled that i get to start straight away in the picu.
  8. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from boomerfriend
    I heard it's hard to get a position at PCH. Is that true?
    Yes, I think so ..... I think you have to have a certain GPA, etc. I don't want to bash PCH, so I won't say a whole lot ..... but if you want to work at PCH in the NICU, then go for it! There are a lot of great NICUs in the valley that hire new grads, check out Desert, St. Joes, or even MMC too. Keep your options open. Good luck to you!
  9. by   mugwump
    Benner desert is also building a childrens hospital on the banner desert campus. My quesitons are where do you live. Also I can't remember on the original post if you want to work NICU. But PCH's NICU is insode of Banner Good Samaritan. Keep that in mind as well
  10. by   jamonit
    PCH has a 76 bed NICU at the McDowell campus (aka inside good sam). they have a 30 bed NICU inside PCH, right off thomas and the 51. They are boasting that they are planning to make their NICU private rooms, as Phoenix Children's has some drastic expansion plans. they have a level 2 and 3 NICU in both facilities (if i'm not mistaken). They're PICU is currently 40 beds--specializing in hemeonc, pediatric cvicu, and med/surg icu. it's unbelievable. the campus is beautiful and so child (and nurse) friendly. i'm so excited to be a part of their team. i would not work any place else.