Anyone hear of diploma program at Baptist Health System Nursing Program in Phoenix?

  1. Hi! Is anyone familiar with the Baptist Health System diploma program, located within the Phoenix Baptist Hospital?

    Would you recommend them? I'm trying to find out as much as I can. My parents live near Phoenix and have been asking me to come out for quite some time.

    All input and opinions are valued as I haven't heard a thing about them. Can't even find them on the AZ BON NCLEX results. Maybe they're listed differently.

    TIA for your responses.


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  3. by   Nemhain
    I haven't heard of that school before but I did find them on the BON:
    then click on: Nursing Education Programs Approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing (it's a PDF)

    I didn't see an NCLEX pass rate for the school. Maybe the program just recently started.
  4. by   Agatha
    Thank you, Nemhain!

    I plan to contact the school on Monday for more info.
  5. by   cardiacRN2006
    In general, Diploma rates have the highest NCLEX pass rates and the highest HESI scores. I would recommend a diploma program to anyone.
  6. by   MissDoodaw
    I went to the Baptist Health system diploma RN program in San Antonio TX. Most classes were distance relayed to Phoenix so we saw the students on video monitors and we all had microphones to communicare, ask ?'s in class etc. Obviously, Phoenix also had video monitors and watched us and the instructors. They always had an instructor present in the class. For clinicals they had their instructors and I don't know much bout that. I believe the program and books were free to the Phoenix campus...nn
    I think first graduating group was in Dec. 2007 but this program has continued every semester that I am aware of since.
    My understanding is that our class has had the lowest pass rates in a long time - Baptist had been in the 90% for a long time and our class didn't do that well. I think the reason for the lowered pass rates had to do with other things, though. I would ask about the {hoenix pass rates and Phoenix attrition rates - I think they started with 20-25 students and I think they had a higher attrition rate than the on campus programs....
    Any thing else I might be able to answer? Let me know...
  7. by   sassiebaz
    I looked into this program too. They have different pre-req's than the CC's and once you are accepted into the program I believe it's 2 years, although they are trying to get one that is 18 months. It's 7am-4pm I believe M-F, and you sign a 3 year contract to work for Baptist health and the program is totally free....That's about the jist of it. The gal I spoke with on the phone was very nice and informative. The school is somewhere in Avondale I think....
  8. by   AZMOMO2
    If you live in that area and don't have a problem with having to fork up $100 simply for the application fee and get in I guess it would be a good deal. At least you know you have a job for three years after graduation. During that time you could gain experience, most employers that pay more money are not looking for the new grads to give it to, Then during that three years you could obtain a BSN or ADN in the meantime from a traditional program or online format without having to gain access into an actual " nursing " program. Something like the Uof P RN to BSN program. Save your student loan money for that... you'd need it and with sign on bonuses from hospitals for nurse's with experience you'd be able to pay those off too, some even pay off student loans ( VA ) and some even pay u up to $150 a month in student loan payments for you for the duration of your employment with them. Then again there are those Student Loan Forgiveness Programs for Nurses too.

    OK I think I just talked myself into it... LOL Would be nice.
  9. by   bonitamiaRN
    I had wondered if that program was still in existence. I see that it still is.....hmmmm interesting.
  10. by   Knit1Purl2
    Quote from bonitamia7
    i had wondered if that program was still in existence. i see that it still is.....hmmmm interesting.
    i looked at the website a while back but apparently i misunderstood that it wasn't just for abrazo employees? from their website it seems they don't carry a wait list. the 3 year commitment at abrazo would be grueling for me. i'm not a big fan of their hospitals. ( i worked for a women's health non-profit that was based out of one of their hospitals) but then again i wonder how much their buyout is? i wonder if it is similiar to banner?

    are there any nursing students or grads of the program on this board? if so can you share about the program?

    thanks for any info.
  11. by   litaphoenix
    I just talked with someone in charge there.
    they are no longer accepting applications for DIPLOMA program. they are trying to transform themselves to an institute that offers 2-year associate degree in nursing. they are working with AZ BON to be approved as a school. the current students seeking diploma are learning at 19th ave. and bethany home. but the new students will be in either goodyear or avondale (i forgot) until their own building in avondale completes, only IF their program is approved.

    technically they are not ACCEPTING applications but you can give it to them anyway, and they can hold on to it until the approval by state. she said she cant promise anything at this moment, but most likely they will start the program in september in goodyear or avondale(again, i forgot it).

    if you want the phone#, PM me.

    PS. besides current pre-reqs of maricopa comm. colleges, you need to take some more classes like CRE102, Bio202 & 205 prior to application.
  12. by   litaphoenix
    and one more thing, they told me to call them back at the end of May for more detailed info.