Anybody know about MGA health care??

  1. i was looking for a job n they called me to see if i can come to the interview with them

    i thought nurse recruiting agency is the one who look for a job for us n if hospitals r interested on me through them then hospitals will call me to do interview

    do u know what kind of agency is this??

    so if i go an interview n if they like me, am i working under them??

    well they said i will have a chance to work on diffrent locations of hospitals

    how does this work??
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  3. by   Calzonan RN
    They are basically a 'temp' agency. You tell them when you are available and they try and find you jobs those days. I worked for them as a CNA, but the problem was I wasn't experienced, I'd just gotten my license. If you know what you're doing and are looking for extra work, or a part-time job then they'd probably be alright. The pay wasn't bad, my only complaint was I was sent to a floor where the other CNA had cancelled so I had 30 patients on a med/surg floor with no orientation. Luckily the nurses were super nice and helped out as much as they could, but I was pretty overwhelmed.
  4. by   Stormikris
    Hi MGA health care staffing called me also... Not sure about them because a couple days after my first phone call someone else from the agency called me. Kind of puts me off that they need people so badly that they'll not know that someone else is trying to recruit from the same office.
  5. by   arin9020
    i scheduled the interview with them on wednesday so i will come back to you after the interview.

    yeah, i am really worrying about this temp agency i rather be hired by hospital directly but i am curious what they offer me
  6. by   Stormikris
    Okay good luck on the interview. I will look forward to hearing what you think of them afterwards.
  7. by   WoosahRN
    MGA does a lot of home care. I don't know about the hospital stuff. I have met CNAs who hated it but then I have met nurses who loved it. I did interview but decided to stay with my job until I finished school. It is basically a room full of recruitors. When I did an online app I got a call within 10 minutes (not even kidding). They spend their time sucking up to you and being your best friend which is a little annoying. And they don't know who is calling you or that you have even been in there interviewing and doing paperwork. I got another call from one of them the day I was in there doing paperwork. Even now, 3 months later I got a call from yet a different guy about interviewing. Basically if you show up, they will give you a job. They aren't healthcare workers but all your scheduling and questions go through them even if you are doing a home health case with a family. The CNAs that I talked to said they were pressured and threatened to work more than they were scheduled but the nurses just generally said they liked it so I guess it depends.

    A co-worker of a friend just got hired as the director there. Not sure if it is peds or of nursing in general. She says it has changed a lot but again I have not experienced it for myself.
  8. by   kythe
    Bumping this up...

    Does anyone know how MGA's pay is compared with other agencies?

    It seems from this thread that their treatment of employees is a little "iffy". How does it compare with other agencies in terms of facilities and locations where you are sent?
  9. by   Hoozdo
    Quote from kythe
    Bumping this up...

    Does anyone know how MGA's pay is compared with other agencies?

    It seems from this thread that their treatment of employees is a little "iffy". How does it compare with other agencies in terms of facilities and locations where you are sent?
    I talked money with them once. The max they would offer was 47-48/hr for general ICU. I think that was good pay for agency, but basically I made more than that working for overtime at my own facility.

    I have meant many agency nurses from MGA that worked at my old job filling in the ICU. They say MGA kept them as busy as they wanted to be. The one exception would be day shift in the summer time when census is generally low in all hospitals.

    I still get calls from them on/off over a year later after initially talking to them!
  10. by   JMurse89
    Anyone else heard anything about them lately? I got a call from them for a Travel EMT position up in Holbrook and Show Low. Sounds pretty good... $16/hr plus $50/night for hotel/gas, etc. Just wondering if anyone's heard anything else. They have me signed up for a CIT class next week. I wanna know what I'm getting into before I quit my job in retail...


  11. by   inthesky
    I've worked with them before. They are a bit disorganized, but I find them trustworthy. Make sure you read over the contract carefully and discuss it with them in depth before signing anything.
  12. by   Lloyd-47
    I don't know if you got in with MGA, but I have found them to be rude, untrained and Non-clinical. They are all recruiters and they tried to tell me that as as an EMT-B all i needed was basic CPR, (not provider level), and I had to pay for it. I refused to listen and took my CPR at G.C.C EMT w/ all the medics that instructed my initial EMT. After I refused to take their course they told me that all of the positions were filled. I found their online tests to be poorly written and do not meet NREMT testing standards. The CIT course they offer (you pay for out of pocket) is not up to par and will not be appropriate for other angencies. $50 per diem is less than you will find a hotel for in Williams, or Winslow, and is lower than most companies offer as Per Diem. This was good Per-Diem 10 years ago.

    Good Luck.
    Lloyd-47, EMT-B (AZ,NREMT)
  13. by   JMurse89
    About a week later, I was told I had to be 21 to fill the position. I then told him that the whole reason he called me in the first place was because I can't get a job as an EMT because of my age.

    I agree with you. Overall, I was very unimpressed with MGA.
  14. by   sandbug29
    I have heard of MGA home healthcare agency and know of several people that have worked for them but the maximum time for each person was 3 months. The unprofessional and rude team they staff to "cattle call" the medical industry for employment is not worth the hours and hours of time it takes to apply for the agency in the first place. All the negative comments that were made on this Thread about MGA is true. There are many other home healthcare agencies well worth your time if that is what you desire to do. MGA is a big "0" in our line of profession.

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