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Stormikris has 5 years experience and specializes in Palliative Care, ER, Med, LTC, Home Care.

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  1. Stormikris

    LPN's In AZ

    Thanks for the info... I often have to watch my scope... Back in Canada the RN school that I went to didn't teach people how to start IV's... bad practice really but there was IV teams on all the floors that we did practicums on, so I guess the curriculum figured that it was an unnecessary skill. So then I challenged the LPN exam there so often had to watch my scope because I was used to the Nursing student scope. Fast forward to now.... me about to get a job here in the states, where I have little clue besides what I needed to study for the NCLEX as to what my role is. Also, some jobs want IV or phlebotomy (we had lab techs that did this) skills. I hope I don't get in over my head going to work somewhere in town. I'm a quick learner though so I'm sure that will help me through this transition period. I got my green card today so I'll be going into places on Tuesday to apply for work....I am nervous to say the least.
  2. Stormikris

    What is MDS?

    Well where I was from MDS stood for Minimum Data Set. http://www.cms.hhs.gov/NursingHomeQualityInits/20_NHQIMDS20.asp Used as an assessment tool, it was probably about 6 pages of info on each patient usually in LTC to determine their care level. Like how many people if any it takes to preform ADL's how many meds they are on, if they've had falls etc in the last 3 months. A follow up is done every 3 months on every resident. My hospital trained me in this. I hope this helps you.
  3. Stormikris

    About LPN NCLEX state boards

    correct me if i am wrong, because i came from canada. but, for me i applied with the bon where i wanted to get my license, they let me know by sending me an att (authorization to test). this att is only good for 3 months. so then once you get your att you online or on the phone contact pearson vue to book your testing day in whatever testing site you want. i had 2 books, i mostly used "nclex-pn exam practice questions exam cram (exam cram 2)" but did use "delmar's nclex-pn review" also. i passed with 85 questions. just do as many questions as you can to prepare yourself for that style of exam and relax you know your information or you wouldn't be finishing school. good luck.
  4. Stormikris

    nclex shut off at 85

    I'm in the same boat as everyone else.... 85 questions and the first one out of the room... All the other test takers were RN's who only need to answer 75 questions... I was screaming in my head no... give me more I can pass. You can bet I was on the website 48 hours after the start of my exam to find out I passed.... Best wishes in your career.
  5. Stormikris

    Hospice Nursing for LPNs

    I worked in hospice in Canada and am looking to go into that work here also. Where I worked we had a RN and an LPN for the floor with 10 patients 5 each at max. The LPN"s took care of the more "stable" patients but you basically did personal care, repositioning, mouth care, care post "palliative procedures". You are managing pain, nausea, agitation and seizures. A big part is helping the patient and their families transition to death in a caring environment.
  6. Stormikris

    Grauduating Nurses Unable to Find Employment

    As I saw it the hospital system where I was from they did little to recruit nurses. They did not advertise their contracts that pay student loans off. To be perfectly honest with you because of the mandatory BSN program it creates many nurses that do not want to do bedside nursing especially when they can't tailor the shifts to all days, no weekends and no holidays. So they're going to move to where they may be paid better, may be able to surf everyday after or before work and be able to choose the schedule they desire.
  7. Stormikris

    The positives in correctional nursing...

    Thank you for this thread. After reading all the other negative threads I had pretty much decided against Correctional nursing. This thread makes it sound as doable as other areas.
  8. Stormikris

    LPN's In AZ

    Any LPN's in the Tucson area?? would love as much information as you have about working here. I am new to nursing in the States. Thank you.
  9. Stormikris

    Any hospital supports green card??

    Where are you from? Because there is ways to get visa's to be work authorized. GC is a different matter. I know that some travel nursing companies are experienced with getting visa's, sometimes they like you to have experience though. Try to call a travel nursing company to see what your options may be. Good luck.
  10. Stormikris

    Correctional Nursing

    Okay, thank you.
  11. Stormikris

    Anybody know about MGA health care??

    Okay good luck on the interview. I will look forward to hearing what you think of them afterwards.
  12. Stormikris

    Correctional Nursing

    Okay I'll ask... What is the pay scale in AZ? Is it with CMS? What are the pros and cons that your friends find with working in correctional health?
  13. Stormikris

    Anybody know about MGA health care??

    Hi MGA health care staffing called me also... Not sure about them because a couple days after my first phone call someone else from the agency called me. Kind of puts me off that they need people so badly that they'll not know that someone else is trying to recruit from the same office.