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Just found out Tuesday I am starting Nursing School in January at GCC. I have been going there for 3 years getting my pre req's out of the way and finally starting Nursing School. How do we find out... Read More

  1. by   IrishItalianRN
    I just called the school and found out i am in the FULL time program at my school (GCC) which is great. Anyone else in the Full time program? I also asked about the changes to those classes FON and NUR and Patho and she said (like you said) that they are being incorporated into Block 1 but it is only for those people that havn't already taken them. SO WE ARE SAFE so she says anyway.... lol
    Hey you guys keep in touch let me know how things are going for you!
  2. by   Calzonan RN
    I just called the ND and she said that she hasn't even mailed the packets out yet!!!! She told me last week she was mailing them out Tues or Wed and we should have them Fri or Sat!! I had my whole week planned so I could go drop off my packet tomorrow, now I'm going to have to reschedule everything! I just want to get the packet so my dh can start figuring out his schedule and get it all coordinated with his boss.
  3. by   IrishItalianRN
    yes but she was all alone last week remember .....LOL so all of us have to put our lives on hold....
    are we sounding bitter already LOL :chuckle
  4. by   Calzonan RN
    How funny, that's the same thing she told me, she was all alone and couldn't get them out on time. I almost volunteered to go over there and put the stamps on them myself!! I even asked if she could just fax me the package, but she sounded like she was talking to a small child "don't worry, they'll be there by Fri or Sat", so then I'm stalking my maillady Fri and Sat 'cause these packets are supposed to be sent by registered mail meaning I'll have to sign for it...
    Yes, I think we're already sounding bitter already. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited to be starting in the spring, I really didn't think I'd get in until the fall, but that's part of the problem. I can't wait to sign up for my classes and get going on things, I've waited long enough already just to GET IN the program!! That and I have child care to arrange and my dh has to rework his schedule depending on which day is a full day for me, etc, etc.
  5. by   Curious1alwys
    Sorry, Keli, about the Patho/Fon/Nut incorporation confusion. I just don't get it. I know my teacher said that the school wanted her to start teaching that program in the Spring, and she teached the PT program, so..........??? I guess I don't know how that is going to work. It is all very unorganized. I don't think they even know right now.

    If I can help any of you guys anymore, I will!

    I am in the GCC PT program.
  6. by   IrishItalianRN
    Ok so where are the FULL TIMERS!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!
  7. by   Calzonan RN
    I think Angie123 is a full-timer, plus Glendalestudent is in her last block as a full-timer at GCC. That's all I can think of right now.

    It's okay Thrashej, we probably won't really know until school starts. Thanks for all your help.

    Well the packets were sent out this morning (supposedly), so we should get them tomorrow or Thurs. I wish she could've just told me what times the classes are etc., but she said to wait until I got the package and that would answer all my questions.
  8. by   IrishItalianRN
    You can tell they get annoyed with the nursing students. I always keep it short and sweet unless they really erk me. They lady that answers the phone down there is NEVER
  9. by   Calzonan RN
    We must be talking to the same lady 'cause that's how I always feel, like a chastised child. I'm sure she is totally annoyed by all of us calling, but still...this is our life we're trying to plan. I've got daycare to arrange and everything else, I need to know what times I'll need it so I can start getting everything in place. Plus, it would be nice to have a book list so I can gradually buy my books over the next couple of months as opposed to shelling out $800 all at once. At least they're 'in the mail', and we should get them in the next couple of days...
  10. by   IrishItalianRN
    yes we probably are.... and i know what you mean about the $$ and daycare. I have to figure out what days my son will need to go to daycare and what days my father will watch him (he is retired) and my husband too needs to figure out his work schedule around taking my son to my dads on the way to work and the BOOKS.... are they really that much? I saved the $900 that i had left from financial aid this semester thinking it would cover this semester.... YIKES
  11. by   Calzonan RN
    Mattsmom is starting in the spring too and I think she figured out that all in all, if you bought used books when you could, it would be over $400. I know, pretty scary there, especially with Xmas coming up. I've heard a lot of people withdraw b/c they don't realize the $$ it will cost. I was getting the GI bill, but that all stopped this summer so I'm on my own now. Thrashej had a great website for financial aid that I'm going to look into, but I'm not sure if I already have to be in my classes before getting the $$.
  12. by   IrishItalianRN
    is it too late for you to try to get fin aid through the school? The GI bill is wonderful, arent you glad you at least had it this far?!?! My dad retired AF in 99 and went to ASU for Education graduated a year ago. So now he has his Bachelors and didnt have to pay for it...and is retired. He is loving life and traveling a lot
    BOOKS are a rip!
    I hate buying used books i prefer to just get them at the bookstore accross the street new (the college book centers) because they are cheaper than at the school bookstore. I just pray that they have what i need by the time she gets these dang packets to us. I dont like books that have someone elses smell and writing
  13. by   PhoenixGirl
    For those of you talking about books, anyway to buy them at

    I just signed up for a class starting in jan, and instead of buying it for $115 USED at Rio, I bought it at for $55. Treat it well, and will sell it for probably almost that much and get some of my funds back. That's what I've been doing all along.