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Do any of you fellow Arizonians know of any accredited nursing schools (here in AZ) that have NO waitlist!? I've seem to hit a wall when researching nursing schools. From all the calls I've made, Rio... Read More

  1. by   nnicolee
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    Do you by any chance happen to have a Bachelor's already? If so, then they have an 18 month accelerated program that admits once a summer up in Flagstaff. If not, they have traditional 2 year programs in Flagstaff, Tucson, and Yuma. I am in the accelerated program and enjoying it. NAU is a state school so it is highly respected and has full accreditation. That also means that the tuition is fair. It is not as cheap as a community college, but no where near as expensive as a private school! It is competitive, but I don't believe that they have nearly as many applicants as ASU, since they are not located in the Valley. Go to and look them up. The advisors are all very nice and will get you started. The pre-reqs are pretty standard (but NO chemistry!) and you have to take a HESI entrance exam. Good luck!!!
    Unfortunately I do not, I am starting fresh (actually 16 years old walking into college !) I'm really interested in the NAU nursing program because I heard it's perhaps not as competitive as ASU persay with their 5.8/6 point cut off admission scale.... I'm so scared I'll get waitlisted once I get all my pre-reqs!!! YIKES and that really scares me.
  2. by   Lildee

    I have intended for years to get into a accelerated BSN program for 2nd degree seekers. Due to money and opportunity, I have put it off and now I am ready and applying this Jan. 2010. I have an appointment with an adviser tomorrow through NAU. Can anyone share their ACC NAU nursing experience? I'm very familiar about what I need to do to apply. Are they really big on the volunteering experience? Are there any others out there that are applying to this in January? We just might be classmates...that would be cool. I also was going to apply to the U of A accelerated, but they require 3 chemisty courses!!! It sucks because I have all the pre-requisites except the higher level chemisty courses and I am not a fan of Chem nor do they offer it in my area. I could not afford to drive 3 to 4 hours out of town. I almost did it, but thank goodness I can get into NAU instead. This is unfortnate, because there is a new pilot program here in Yuma and I doubt they will get enough applicants due to that darn chemistry requirement. Is anyone planning on applying to U of A?
  3. by   HealthyPro
    Gila Community College - Payson & Globe Campuses do not have a wait list for their ADN Program
    Applications are due March 1st for the next cohort starting Aug 2010.
    GCC is a branch of Eastern AZ College - very good instructors and NCLEX pass rates
    Just granted 5 year accreditation from AZ St Nur Brds.
    EAC.EDU for info
  4. by   lofn13
    Right now, the economy is terrible for new grad nurses. I am one of the lucky few who has gotten a new grad job at a hospital within 2 months of graduating. Because of this, taking on any student loans from a private school would be unwise at this time. I would rather wait a little longer and get into a less expensive school like the community colleges. You can work in the meantime and save up for the tuition. What you could spend on 1 semester at one of the private colleges, you could probably spend on all 4 blocks at MCCD.
    Ask any new grad nurse how hard it is to get a job. Or talk to the nurse recruiters at some of the biggest hospitals. They will tell you that they get hundreds of applications for a couple of spots. Things are starting to get better, but it will be awhile.
  5. by   HealthyPro

    Could not agree more that Community Colleges are a tremendous value. About $70/Credit Hr state wide.
    Sadly, although the economy has slowed the medical field's positive hiring trend, we have deferred health care now as people are stilling getting sick at the same rate, just not the money to get treatment.
    So the need for health care workers will be there in the next couple of years.
  6. by   Miss Chybil RN
    Yavapai College in Prescott has no waiting list. I started there after I was placed on the Maricopa CC waiting list. I graduate this December - a year earlier than I would have had I waited for my placement at MCC.
  7. by   timmy_ray
    central arizona college does not have a wait list. they are located in coolidge. if you don't get in the first time you reapply. i am in the 1st block and enjoy it so far. good school.
  8. by   Lildee
    I have heard that the hiring demand for ADN nurses is low, but there is still a demand for BSN nurses.
  9. by   losgatos81
    Regarding CAC, are having the additional coreq's completed strictly adding 2 points per co-req? It doesn't matter what my grade was-as long as I got a C or better I get 2 points for having completed that class?
    I am looking at the application and it says "Co requisites that have been completed. 2 pt for ea course completed w. a C or higher." Am I interpreting that correctly?
    I have good grades now, but I have one C in Eng 102, and one C in Sociology of all classes following me around from 2002, back when I was young and not academically inclined...

    Also (just a shot in the dark in case someone knows..) anyone have any issues with tranferring online classes from RIOSAL -to CAC?

  10. by   Lildee
    I am not sure what CAC stands for. I am assuming a community college for nursing? I was in a ADN program and currently waiting notice on getting into a accelerated BSN program, but I know a lot about what they are looking for. It is best that you have a high pre requisite GPA, but it is also looks good if all or most of the prerequsites are done before entry. I am sure that there are several ways they do points and you probably read it right that the more prerequisites that are done regardless of grade you will get 2 points. Then they will also account for higher points for higher grades. A c in certain classes is okay, but not in Anatomy and Physiology. If you can retake and increase the grades the better. I have retaken classes to increase my GPA and online classes really help with convenience. I took classes online through Rio Salado and I would not recommend that school to anyone. They almost ****** up my application for nursing. I had completed an online course and their online system was not updated and read that I owed them money when I did not. I even called and they knew that I was paid in full, but still did not release my transcript bc of the update in the system. I faxed a request an still no transcript! The system was finally updated and I was able to get it done faster online. I still am not positive that they even sent my transcript, but they sure did take my money!!! It better be there!!! Horrible school and out for one thing your money!!! They don't care about the student not even the teachers except the stats class online that I took. The instructor was pro student and pleasant.
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  11. by   Lildee
    I also wanted to add that I took most of my retakes through Pima Community which is great and AZ western College in person. Both of these schools and teachers were great.
  12. by   losgatos81
    I have not taken BIO 202 yet or MicBio', but I got an A in Bio 201 and plan to do what it takes to get an A in Bio 202...(Easier said than done I know... )
    CAC=Central Arizona College...main campus in Coolidge AZ..(they have a few other locs in the east valley.)
    Thanks for your on RioSal. I have heard mixed reviews about them but a) I have already paid for my classes and b) I am in a time crunch. So online classes here I come.
    Sorry you got so jerked around! Sounds like a mess. I would keep calling until you were 100% sure your transcript made it.
    I hate hounding people to make sure they did their job, (& I know people make mistakes) --but someones mistake can knock you back a semmester -if they dont get your info on time...and as you said they did take your $. So I would call and call and call until you are sure.

    If this whole nursing thing doesn't work out, seems like college admission/records offices could use some help .
    Good luck w. your BSN.
  13. by   CeLLz
    i heard west coast university has a adn or bsn program with no wait list. although it cost 134,000 for 39 months