2012 Phoenix Children's GAPP

  1. I thought I would start this thread for anyone who is trying to get into the GAPP program at Phoenix Children's Hospital
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  3. by   ro2878
    Thanks for starting this thread.

    After months of stalking PCH's facebook page for a posting for the GAPP program, I was so excited to apply! Sadly, I was not even offered an interview (seems like I made it through the first round of rejected applications though!).

    Because I worked for 3 years as a pediatric med asst for a large private practice prior to attending nursing school, completed my preceptorship in the NICU at Scottsdale Healthcare, and have 10 years of volunteer experience with kids, I thought I would at least get to the interview stage. I graduated December 2011 with only an ADN (elected to go the ADN route because I already have a BS) and thought maybe that was why I was not offered an interview. However, I saw a few others with BSNs who posted on PCH's facebook page who did not make it either. Some of them had hospital experience as peds nursing assts, volunteer experience, and even elected to obtain PALS certification on their own but even they did not get interviews.

    I sure would love to know exactly what PCH is looking for in an applicant! Are they only offering GAPP positions to their own internal employees and/or volunteers?
  4. by   cindyloowho
    Previous GAPPer here. It's hard to get in because they have literally HUNDREDS of applicants (500 maybe) so sometimes you have great credentials but just the sheer volume of applicants means some great people have to be screened out early on. They simply cannot interview 300 people for 30 spots.

    PCH first wants BSNs because if we go for Magnet, then we need to have around 80% of our staff as BSNs. A lot of old school nurses only have associates and don't want to go back to school so they need to hire new nurses with bachelors to pad that number.

    It also helps to have a direct connection to someone there. Either via volunteering, knowing a friend who will write a note to HR saying you rock and should be hired, being a previous student who has a preceptor asking to bring you on, or meeting a manager in person. Yes, there may be fabulous applicants out there, but companies still will give props to those on the "inside" so they will take the fabulous applicants with a connection first, then go for the no-namers. No, they won't hire someone who stinks just because they have a cousin who works there, but if they are a good candidate and have an inside recommendation, they will get the job before anyone else. Also, they are very picky about their requirements: if you don't meet ALL of them, (like GPA, etc) they can throw your app out the window because 499 people are in line behind you who may meet them all.

    Good luck, it's a great program and a great place to work. Now go become a volunteer with us and get your name out there :-)
  5. by   NewGradRN0717
    I just started the most recent GAPP class and this is what I can tell you, hope it helps.

    1) There are only 25 new grads in the current GAPP program, they said they had over 500 applications.
    2) I would say it's actually about 50/50 for ADN vs. BSN, but the ADNs all worked there prior to the GAPP program and most of them have already enrolled in RN to BSN programs.
    3) Almost everyone had a "relationship" with PCH before being accepted. There are maybe 3 or 4 people who were accepted into the program who didn't work or volunteer at PCH at some point.
  6. by   ro2878
    Thanks for the info/advice and congrats to you NewGradRN0717! You must be thrilled. Hope you are enjoying your new position.

    I have been kicking myself for not just enrolling in a RN to BSN online program because I could have been almost halfway done during this past 6 months of job hunting. Hesitant to spend the money though...

    I did have an volunteer interview at PCH end of May but was not accepted (talk about upset - couldn't even get an unpaid volunteer position!!) and the only reason I could come up with was because the interviewer kept focusing on how much effort goes into and how time consuming it is to train a volunteer and "what would I do when I got my new grad RN job?" Of course I told her I would continue to volunteer and would have no problem balancing work and volunteering but I think she felt I was just trying to get my foot in the door for the GAPP program and would then quit volunteering. I guess I could volunteer for the community events or those prn volunteer opportunities to establish that "relationship" with PCH.

    Did interview with a peds home health agency and was accepted but the recruiter was such a sleazeball/used car salesman that he turned me off to the job! Plus, I don't really want to be in someone's home for 8 hours with no contact with anyone else. Had an interview for a school RN position today so fingers crossed! If that doesn't pan out I guess I will be working for the sleazeball! LOL. At least it will be vent/trach experience.

    Thanks again to both of you for the "inside scoop!"
  7. by   01srees
    Where are the website for PCH do you have the application for the GAPP program? I have looked and am probably missing it somewhere.
  8. by   cindyloowho
    Quote from 01srees
    Where are the website for PCH do you have the application for the GAPP program? I have looked and am probably missing it somewhere.
    You will only see a GAPP posting when there is a program opening. They do 3 or 4 classes a year and open the applications for a brief time, several months before each class starts. There is not one posted now because they just started a new class so the application cycle ended. Keep looking, and I'm serious when I say look everyday because a few times the application has only been posted for a few days. It's under the careers tab.
  9. by   honeyortar
    ro2878, I just signed up for the volunteer orientation at PCH :\ should i just not bother going? I honestly don't even want to do it to put my foot in the door, i just have so much time with no job
  10. by   ro2878
    Hi honeyortar,

    I don't know - I also wanted to do it because I have so much free time and wanted to be around pediatric Pts (getting a foot in the door was a bonus!!). Because of my past peds work and volunteer experience, I thought I would be a "shoe in" and was shocked when I was not offered a volunteer position. I speak and write well, am very professional, and thought I interviewed well. As I said, the only reason I could come up with was that the interviewer thought I would quit volunteering once I got a job. Who knows, maybe it was for another reason?

    Give it a shot - if you are accepted it will be a great volunteer position and a great way to get out and get your mind off of not being able to find a job. Hey, if it helps lead to a job that would be great too!

    Good luck if you decide to go for it.
  11. by   swimchick89
    I've been volunteering at PCH for over a year and I completed my preceptorship at PCH. And I also didn't even get called for a interview. I was so bummed!
  12. by   katiern46
    I just got called for an interview for the next GAPP program. Any tips for the interview? Were you pleased with the program? Good luck to everyone!