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Hi all,

I'm currently on an assignment in Seattle. So far, it's going well, but I took the company housing option and I'm fairly disappointed with my housing. I think for my next assignment, I will take the stipend and find my own housing. Anyone have any input about interesting neighborhoods in San Diego to live in? I love to be able to walk places--coffee shops, grocery store, restaurants, etc. I don't have an assignment in SD yet, but I'm trying to think ahead. Thanks.

Little Italy is nice, and near downtown. Hillcrest is nice too, and very colorful - ie.rainbow colors ;-)

BTW: UCSD and Mercy hospitals are both in Hillcrest.

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what company are you with? can you PM me b/c i would love to travel to San Diego but the companies I talk to don't staff there much! Except AMN but i'm iffy about signing with them

I'm living in ocean beach while on assignment in San Diego. I love it here in this area.

what company are you with that placed you there, and what hospital!?

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It really depends on what hospital you are in. San Diego is a big county and the commute can hurt if you live too far. Housing is expensive there too, so company housing may not be so bad.

I'm from North County San Diego. I moved away because I got priced out.

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Hi V-Neck! I was on assignment in SD with AMN and was housed in Mission Valley (worked at Sharp Grossmont). The housing was great, but the area, well, it was suburban mall sprawl. We LOVED spending most of our free time in Ocean Beach but don't know how housing was there. Maybe too hippie for some. That's where we would go if we did it again. It would have been worth the commute time.

I've never lived in or done an assignment in San Diego but I've been there a good bit (in fact just last week). My first choice to live would be Ocean Beach. Second would be Mission Beach. I like to bicycle, skate, and run/sun on the beach and living there is far better than just a couple miles away. There shouldn't be any rent difference, but even if there was, it would be worth it (for me). The caveat would be the commute if by car. Traffic can be horrendous. I was in Chula Vista when I left for an appointment in Orange County at 0600. Apparently some accident on I-5 had us going slower than I could go on my skates trying to get through downtown. I managed to get off and take "surface streets" which were far better. So plan carefully. If you have reverse commutes just three times a week, you could probably swing it.

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