Are most textbooks purchased in Block 1?

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I heard that most textbooks are purchased in Block 1 of nursing school. Is that mostly true for you veteran students?

The other thread that stated how much everyone is spending on books is really scary. I knew the books were expensive and numerous but this is a dose of reality for me!

Also, are the books purchased in Block 1 used throughout the rest of nursing school and beyond? I can justify the purchase of a huge textbook if it will be used again and again.

What about it? :thankya:


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My books were about $2000-2500 for the first two years, and only $400 for the next two years. Our teachers have let us know what books we will need, and which ones we can sell (which so far has only been one). We have used the books from first year in second year, and there are some on the list for third year from the previous years.

I hope this helps.



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The Med Surg books we use throughout the 3 years. But different rotations, i.e. psych, community nursing, pediatrics, critical care and such we have had to purchase more books.


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I bought all of my books from Barnes and Noble online. It's You should know the ISBN # or at least the title of the book you need. I saved roughly $30 per book! Plus I went ahead and signed up to be a B&N member and saved an extra 10% on each book. They ship extrememly fast and if you order over $75 worth of books, shipping is FREE! Can't get better than that!


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Hi Boomer......

I went onto the school's bookstore's site and found out the prices for books for Blocks 1-4....Here's a rundown:

Block 1 587.00

Block 2 318.00

Block 3 430.00

Block 4 158.00

Some of the books are used throughout the program and most are used for more than one Block. I can show you what I came up with next week.....

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At my school (ADN) you buy them on block 1 (about 2000) and that is what you need for the 5 semesters if clinicals. I am still trying to figure out how on earth I am going to pay for them. :chuckle

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