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Hi everyone.

I am preparing for a seminar, the debate is on wether or not student nurses are valued within the nursing team. I am on the side that is arguing that students are not valued and am struggling to find evidence to suggest that this is true. Can anyone help. :eek:


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Wow, what a great debate!! Have you tried posting this on the "general discussion" board. Most of the people there work in the field and could give you a good idea of how things are for students. Also have you thought about going to your hospital and interviewing staff nurses there? Let us know how it turns out!!

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Sure they are valued, although sometimes as the kicking post.

Seriously though, I think we can find a spot for them in almost every situation, but they need to step up and take the risk to learn. So in a code they compress the chest, they are the gofer,etc. I have had students hide because they were too afraid to join the party. I wish sometimes they would state their needs, if they just need to watch that is OK too. The best student has the ability to step up, but at the same time follows directions well. The most annoying student turns down learning opportunities after we've gone out of our way to seek them out. Or the one who feels they are in charge of the patient in spite of no experience, working in a strange hospital, and has only had the pt for 2 days. In that case I would advise making your suggestion, but shut up if it is not taken, and ask later what the rationale was. Questions are always welcome but sometimes you get a better response after the crisis has passed.


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I think it depends on the team.....I graduated from the LPN program last year and the ADN program this past may. Our LPN year we were treated VERY badly by most of the nurses. They wanted as little to do with the students as possible. If you asked a question about a patient (not in a crisis situation) alot of them would say "you're the one in college, you should know everything" and walk away. On more than one occasion I chased a nurse down the hall until I got an answer. I even had nurses try to "set me up" to get me in trouble, and many of my classmates had similiar experiences....I would type up the situations, but it would take way too long. Anyway, the instructors informed management of what was going on, tons of memos sent out and by my ADN year almost all the nurses were great to us. Lots of times I had the RN on my team thank me for all my help. It was a great feeling and made me want to do even more the next time.

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I've done the majority of my clinicals in a very large teaching hospital, where even the doctors are students, so perhaps my opinions are a bit skewed, but I've found that the nurses, for the most part, LOVE the nursing students, and look forward to the days when we are present. When we step on the floor, they flock to our instructor to LITERALLY BEG for a 'slave' as they call us! ROFL! It's great to be wanted! When we are there, and especially as our education progresses and we become more independant and less like 'students', we take the cases practically off their hands. They are there to supervise, and of course help when needed, to do skills we may not be checked off or legally allowed to do, but the rest is up to us! It's a great atmosphere to learn in, and you get tons of experience and the nurses get to actually sit down and relax for once. We're on ICU right now, and yesterday was typical: 15 beds, 8 students from my school, 2 from another, and the nurses and doctors and med students, and well, ALL of the ancillary staff sat at the nurses station and watched us do their work! They were within fifteen feet if we needed help, and all kept a hawk eye on their patients, but you know that had to be a nice little break for them. I love it. Without people hovering around you, you actually get to learn what it feels like to be 'responsible' for your own patients in a controlled environment. I look forward to the day I am in their shoes! I love nursing students, and I will teach my heart out at every opportunity. Wish everyone felt that way!


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I guess I have a kinda unique situation. We are in a pretty small town, and a pretty small hospital. Most of the nurses on the floors graduated from the program that I attend now, so we are more like "sisters" :) We trade stories about professors, classes, clinicals, and everything... We make fun of how Kirksville "sucked them in, they came in, and never got back out".

Almost all of the docs here are Osteopaths, and are really open to the "holistic" approach to medicine. Most are really nice, and give good feedback, with the occassional exception.

Most of the female docs were nurses first, then stayed in town, and went to med school (Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine).

I do see a little difference when the students from the community college come. They are not really rude to them, but they are not as willing to help them either. Its sad, but i guess since we basically all went to the same university, its a little like a sorority, and the CC students are not really part of that. Students from the two groups never really mingle, its not encouraged, and we are always so busy, its hard to find time to socialize. Sometimes we all go out to the bars together, but that is pretty rare too. Fun when we do though, unless someone starts the "my program is better than your program" arguement. The mood shifts, and its not as much fun.



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Personally, I value them HIGHLY, and always look forward to having them on the team.

Some of the other nurses have been known to say, "STUDENTS!!!!!!?? What a drag....Now we have to take the whole shift and explain every thing to (it, him, her).....What a drag.

I look forward to it because I think it is a great opportunity to remember what it was like, and to pass on some of the piddly things that nobody remembers to tell the students. It is also a great opportunity to practice your skills the PROPER way, instead of the shortcuts that so many of us have gotten used to over the years of real life.

I think they are the best part of the time I work.

And, since I will be in clinicals next semester myself, I sure hope I end up with a nurse with a good attitude about students!



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MRed... u can come be MY student. We can have fun doing "butts" together :) I'll bring the vicks! I know you dont need it, but I do :)




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I'm concerned about what you said....


you stated:

"I do see a little difference when the students from the community college come. They are not really rude to them, but they are not as

willing to help them either."


I guess I'm looking at it as I am (going to be) trying just as hard to become the best nurse I can be as the university students will be, but they will get more useful help than I, because I am the community college student?

....I hope they realize that the choice of college programs does not make the nurse, but the help they give those students can make a real difference in how the students forever perceive Nursing to be.


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OH NO!!! Dont be depressed, please? Its just one hospital, in a very small town, and its more of a "we went to the same University, same BSN program" group instead a university vs CC attitude. I dont think it is a BSN vs ADN problem either.

It just happens that we have a really high % of nurses that all graduated from the same program that stay in the town area, so we have more in common.

It is NOT like that most places. Please dont be depressed. I hate depressing people. Its just one place, in one small town, and I am sure that it is not that way everywhere else.

Come on folks, let em that it is not like there everywhere. Feeling discouraged is not a good thing! HELP!



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I didn't mean to upset you Brandy, I'm sorry for that....I just am being silly to be worried about such things I know.

The largest town near me is Pensacola...and that's an hour and a half you say small town, and I think "Oh No, I'm really in for it!!!" :(


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I am in a "small town", and the ONLY nursing program available is the CC......They have to go OUT of town to do the BSN thing here. So the staff just deal with it.

Some hate students, some take advantage of them, and some love them. Guess it is the luck of the draw....



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