Are these scores enough?


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I sit the NCLEX next wednesday :cry: i have been doing the saunders practice exams from the disc and have been getting above 60. 72 being my highest one time, i atleast do 100 questions a day, just wondering are these scores enough to get a good gauge for the actual exam?? Thanks for any replies...


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OMG! I am testing next wednesday as well and I am also doing saunders and my scores are in the 60"s as well. Occassionaly, very rare I get in the 70's and maybe once 80"s. I would like to hear from others who did saunders and what their scores were like before going into the exam. I am a bit nervous, but also trusting in God that he will send question my way that I know and I am will just keep doing question until then. So keep plugging along my dear.Good Luck to you!


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Thanks Carribeanbeauty! i ll be thinking of you on the 27th! with the time difference and everything, me being in australia I will be one day ahead :yldhdbng:, my head is hurting already!! plus the fact i work already, it so damn hard to give it your all...anyway GOODLUCK!!


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the first test i did with saunder's i got a 56!! then it slowly got higher.. i kept it just around 70% and i passed the nclex with 85 I think you'll do fine!


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Thanks Camschukie for taking the time to reply and your words of encouragement.

Go Aussie Go! I am cheering for u. Let me know how the exam goes.

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