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Are there any quizzes to take to help one determine what area of nursing they would be best suited for. I realize this sounds like a dumb question but I am serious. There are quizzes for everything else so I figure there must be one for this. Any ideas or websites?

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I haven't seen any and I do not think the "Womens" Magazines have gone into it as yet but I'll keep an eye out

I always thought the best way was to get practical experience in many areas then choose one.

amazingly enough, I have been researching this very subject. There are LOADS of personality tests out there. One that is pertinent to nurses is Stamps-Piedmont. You will have to search for it, but may find it at a university library in the nursing education or education dept. stuff. Try the training and development depts. too. Even some Human Resources. Good luck.


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There is a personality type of test called the "DICE" test that HR uses at some hospitals. We had to take it at a hospital orientation and everybody agreed with their outcome. I forget what all the letters stand for but I was a "D" I guess for Dominant personality. My second letter was "C" for Conformity I believe, and with it's description it said : rule follower, precise with details, etc. Everyone at the ICU table was a "C", the ER people were "D" and the I's had a mix of people from the IS dept and I think the "E" people mainly were OB. It was interesting and it was much more involved than this but that might help you find a direction in which department to go to or just more about your personality. Good luck!

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