Are they going to accuse me of a "mind dump?" HELP!

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I took the NCLEX-RN today. Yes, I read the stuff and signed the things that I read them. Then clicked on the tutorial to begin. Absent mindedly, I just wrote down on the white board Phos Alb Pot.... which meant that all of these have similar lab values. Anyway, the moderator came up and told me I can't write anything on the white board until the test starts (duh!). She took my little board and gave me a clean one, which i did not use at all.

I tried to do the Pearson Vue Trick, and even though my results are supposedly "delivered" my results are on hold. Are they really going to hold this little doodle against me if I passed? Will they make me take it again? I have a job riding on this and now I am frantic!

Has anybody ever done what I did and had it used against them to invalidate their test result? This was hardly a "brain dump." But I am freaking! :no:

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That is most likely the reason your results are on hold, you failed to follow the rules. Any writing on the white board early is considered a brain dump, regardless of the amount. Whether they will invalidate your results no one but NCSBN, your board of nursing and/or Pearson Vue can say.

The only one I heard that had their results invalidated for a brain dump had a signifiicant amount of information written on the board as soon as the person sat down, before even the tutorial started, so it was a clear rule violation. This person had to resubmit to the board of nursing to reapply for an ATT and repay Pearson Vue. I don't recall if the BoN reissued an ATT, but again in this case there was a lot more information 'dumped'

Most holds are for at least a couple of days, for now you will just have to sit tight until your hold is lifted or you hear from Pearson Vue or your BoN. Some have been successful in calling Pearson Vue customer service for information about the hold after 48hrs (assuming you get a helpful rep on the phone)

Hoping for the best for you.

I totally know where you're coming from I took the NCLEX-RN this morning and was thisclose to writing on my white board during the tutorial. My anxiety was so high I completely understand how you could have forgotten!

I don't know if I would consider that a "brain dump" because it doesn't really mean anything...I guess it's up to PV. I wish you the best!

Man! I am so bummed about this. So on top of wondering if I passed (in 75 questions) I have to wonder if they'll invalidate my results and I will lose my job. I have to be licensed before the 16 of July or my offer is pulled. And around here, most of July is already booked for NCLEX-RN. We have zero money. I couldn't afford to pay another $200 to retake the exam. Can't even buy gas or groceries. I have to have this job (not to mention I WANT this job.... it is really my dream job!).

What kills me is that someone else could have waited five more minutes to get through the tutorial and then truly dumped a bunch of information on their board and nothing would happen to them. I guess I don't understand why a little blip like mine would cause a fuss. At first, I didn't understand why she took the board. I crossed off the info when she reminded me it wasn't allowed. And I didn't even use the second white board at all, not one squiggle. I truly wasn't doing a "brain dump." I sure hope they see it that way.

I will definitely call Pearson Vue in a day or two. Calling our board of nursing, I am afraid, would be fruitless. I've heard from others who have had some pretty urgent problems and called them and got no help whatsoever.


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They have to take the board, even if you cross out, as that is the policy. One mark or word or an entire list of lab values, medications, etc. the board is written on before the tutorial is complete the rules are on the surface considered "broken" (even doodling the board will be taken and replaced.)

They not only review what has been written but the audio & video tapes of the testing session and have the ability to review your test questions and responses.

As per the rules: The only mandated response to writing on the board before the tutorial is complete is that the board is to be taken, an incident report to be submitted by the testing center and your test results are to be put on hold. So it seems the invalidation of results due to 'brain dumping" is not a given but taken on a case by case basis.

There is nothing that you can do at this point but sit tight and wait. Hope for the best.

They do review the white boards and too much brain dumping information on the white board, even after the tutorial, can cause a test to be placed on hold and the results invalidated. (So someone who fills the white board with data after the tutorial also risks being flagged for a testing or behavioral irregularity, hence why we cannot erase the white boards at all and they are just exchanged)

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I hope everything goes okay for you :)

Wow that sounds like a total nail biter! I am in the same boat as you in terms of needing to pass for my dream job! I can't imagine how it must feel to have this extra bit of pressure added onto it. I really hope that you passed and your results are taken off hold quickly!

Good Luck my fingers are crossed for you!!!

Thought I would post this update on my NCLEX worries: I passed! Yes, my results took an additional day or so to post, but I guess I was worrying about nothing! So glad that is over and done with. Thanks for all of the input everyone.

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