Are you the Doctor? (funny)

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I am a bit older and male. My wife made an observation that I thought was kind of funny. She said because of my age and gender people may mistake me as being the doctor, and that made me think. While I will not be a doctor, I will have a degree in the medical field and my knowledge/advice does mean something. Anyway, if anyone ever mistakes me for a doctor I plan on saying "oh, I'm not a doctor. But I did stay in a holiday inn express last night".

Another one that is funny, but you could never do it, would be you walk into the room where the patient is waiting and say "Hey, I've got some great news".

"Really? I don't have herpes?"

"No, I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance".



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Hahaha!! I laughed out loud at these.



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I'm also older and male. I've also been asked several times if I was a Doctor and just responded, "No, I'm a nurse". But now that you've pointed out a different response....



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despite being in clinical uniform that were exactly the same as my female cohorts, on a few occasions a patient would refer to me as the med student and the others as nursing students. But then there's also the "I don't want a male nursing student taking care of me (female patient)" or it'll be a family member who insists that. so it cuts both ways.



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I get this same thing! Although, my job makes the dress code "business casual" and I'm Asian:alien:, so I understand the stereotype of which I would be considered (not an ninja or or a dragon ball Z hero:roflmao:.) Even the other nurses and staff come to me asking about this patient or what group(medical) I'm in. It makes me feel important even though I don't know a quarter of what they do.


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What are you talking about? A "degree in the medical field"? What is that? The degree (BSN or ADN) does not make you a nurse. The NCLEX makes you a nurse. And what do you mean "my knowledge/advice means something". Ok...what does it "mean"? Do you really spend time making herpes jokes going into nursing? I have seen patents DEVASTATED over that news and you think it is funny? If your 72 means the year you were born it makes you about 43. Yeah..ok man. Good luck.



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Dude, you need to lighten the hell up. Before my father died I helped him around the house because he didn't get around very well (he had 1 leg). One time he asked me to replace a light bulb and I said "no". He looked at me puzzled and asked "why not?"

I told him I was curious how many one legged men it took to screw in a light bulb. He laughed, and than I changed out the light bulb.

I don't know what your problem is, were you potty trained at gun point?

Not quite sure what insecurity you have as far as the test goes. I guess lawyers don't have degrees because all they need to do is pass a test. Here is an idea, lets take a poll of the nurses here and see how many are in 6th grade but managed to pass the NCLEX because they were doogie housers and how many have a degree. Than out of the ones with degrees lets see if it is in hospitality or something else unrelated. Get a clue dude.

Do me a favor from now on and ignore anything I post. I will be sure to do the same with any brain fart you produce.



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I've used both of those in a clinical setting, and many others. But be careful, you will misjudge someone and rub them the wrong way. Then you spend the rest of the time showing them you aren't just a guy with a bad sense of humor (cuz that is how they will look at you)

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I thought the Holiday Inn Express line was really funny! The herpes line, not so much. I will give you a piece of advice, however: don't call feedback from longtime AN members "brain farts," especially when you are as new to this community as you are. You are a student. You would do well to listen to advice from practicing, wise RNs like windsurfer8.



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Pretty funny and light hearted. 😀

I don't agree with the BSN/ADN comment. Earning the degree does make you a nurse. Be proud of that. Passing the NCLEX allows you to be called an registered nurse.

There are doctors that do not practice and do not hold a license. They are still doctors because that is what what was conferred on the diploma from their university.




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A "degree in the medical field"? What is that? The degree (BSN or ADN) does not make you a nurse. The NCLEX makes you a nurse.

Actually, you're wrong. The NCLEX licensure gives you the credentials of a registered nurse - hence the title graduate nurse. This is why credentials RN still must proceed BSN and MSN even though they are a higher level of education. You can have a Master of Science in nursing and not be registered.

Hopefully you're just having a bad day because your attitude is awful.



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I remember working in ER one time, and a child told her mom in front of me

'I like him as my doctor, he's funny' *points to me*

I remember telling the kid, 'sorry bud, I'm just a wannabe doctor…he's the real doctor' *point to the real doctor*