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Are there any programs that offer aprn trauma degrees. That is what I am most interested in! If so what would an aprn be doing at work in trauma? Thanks!


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I don't know of trauma specific but there are schools out there offering an ENP track (which is essentially a combo of FNP and ACNP).

USA and Vanderbilt are the two that come to mind.

ENP is commonly called Emergency Nurse Practitioner. Most common setting, then, is the emergency department. The more specific trauma skills may not be included. Seek education opportunities with the ENA or find skills boot camps to learn those techniques and expectations.

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At one time the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore offered a trauma residency for ENP and ACNP applicants.

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Yes, you'll find more residency/post graduate programs. Check out St. Luke's in Bethlehem, PA just north of Philly. There's Carilion Clinic too plus a few others I know but manage to slip my mind at the moment.


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This is a very niche specialty. If you are interested in it, find a NP working on a trauma service and shadow.

I know one NP on a Trauma service. She is an FNP. She works long, crazy hours but it's what she loves.