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I am a displaced (rightsized, downsized, laid-off, whatever you wanna call it :-) telecom worker in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. I am a 46 year old male and now have to make a career change. Would it be worth my time to become an LPN? By that I mean, would anybody actually *hire* me?


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Sure they would!

Some LVN programs are only a year. There's one in Houston that I know of but most of them are 18 mos to 2 years.

For people changing careers in midlife it's good to work your way up. Get your LVN, work a year or two then aim toward an RN and the greater pay that comes with it. You can do a bridge program: LVN to ADN or you could do the compressed programs for LVN to BSN if you don't mind taking pre-reqs along the way...if you are lucky, some of the classes you have taken for you current degree will apply.

Go for it and good luck!!


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Of course! There's a need for nurses everywhere. Best of luck.


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You bet they would. You would even be more marketable if you got your RN. The ADN route is an excellent one because it only takes two years (+ pre-reqs). Good luck!

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Absolutely they would hire you! Go for it!

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Absolutely they would hire you! Go for it!

Concur. Many here (and elsewhere) have done so successfully.

I volunteered in an ED for a couple of months before taking the "Nestea Plunge." :)

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