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hey guys! i was just wondering who all on this website is planning on transferring from stlcc and/or applying to the accelerated bsn program @ umsl. does anyone know if we need letters of reccomendation? i read on some other posts about them and some sort of paper but the nursing receptionist said that i didn't need either. i've been talking to a advisor @ the college of nursing but there hard to catch up with without a appointment. i figure we can exchange info and ask questions to each other. :typing

thanks in advance!

oh, and if you all don't mind me asking, how in the heck are you guys planning to pay for that 30k bill???.... i got about :twocents: so far!!!!

I have my schedule all worked out, so I won't have any problems in terms of course load. I only need a couple more for my majors. I am already enrolled in my fall classes, so those won't be an issue. The ones I have to take in the spring are the ones I'm concerned about, and Truman hasn't announced who is teaching those yet. Really there are only two that I'm not sure about. If push comes to shove, I can probably take them at Moberly Area Community College. It's about an hour away, so I would probably have to take them in the evening, but if that's the only way then of course I'll do it.

oh thats good! hey i just got another idea! can u contact the dept. chair of those areas that ur worried about? maybe they can assure u a spot, bc i think the teachers have to go through thier boss anyway! I hope it works out that u can do it there! have u found out if they can change your admission to for the fall?

I called UMSL today, and it doesn't look like I can change my application. But I also talked to the department of nursing, and they said it's ok if I'm not accepted yet as long as all my stuff is in, so it should be fine.

When I get back to Truman in a couple weeks I am going to talk to some teachers about getting into those classes. So I should know soon!

Hey Lacey! I just applied about a couple of weeks ago to USML for general admission. I got a letter in the mail today saying I was admitted to the Nursing Major, pre-clinical track of the College of Nursing. Since I was admitted and I even applied (it sounds like) after you I would think you should be hearing from them soon. Have you gotten a letter in the mail saying they received your application? I got one several days after applying. You can check your status at I actually found out I was admitted through the website several days ago before I got my letter. Good luck!


I called UMSL yesterday, and they told me they won't be looking at 2010 applications until September. The nursing department told me they won't look at the 2010 accelerated BSN applications until September 15th, and that I should hear something mid-October. This is all very confusing. But congrats on your admission! That's so exciting!

Huh...that is kind of weird that I applied after you for general admission and got in already and they told you they don't even look at applications until September. I did apply on-line...I wonder if that makes a difference because I have heard that the processing and everything is quicker because it is already in the computer. Did you apply through mail or on-line?


You do not need a letter of recommendation, you do need a decent GPA or a Bacchelor's degree in order to be admitted. I am currently in my second semester of the accelerated program at UMSL and I have to say the program is not that difficult to get in to if you have the GPA. Can I be completely honest though? If you have no reason for being in the accelerated program (kid on the way, moving, etc.) as opposed to the general study program...go for the general. The accelerated program is emotionally and physically intense, like NOTHING you have ever done before. You have to devote everything and almost every bit of time you have to it. You should not have a job or kids or spouse/significant other if you want to be in this program. It can be done....but you will be stressed out and majorly crabby and no one will want to be around you. Don't be a glutton for punishment, do the general/traditional course. If this hasn't convinced you, let me give you an idea of what the assignments were for a TYPICAL week of the accelerated program:

Monday: Exam for Assessment, genogram due

Tuesday: Terminology sheets due, assessment form due, lab test out

Wednesday: Exam for Fundies

Thursday: Exam for Pathophysiology, case studies due, group project

Friday: clinicals, case study due, lab test out, care plan due

On top of all this you are in class from 4-7 hours a day. Not trying to discourage you, but you need a realistic view of what the accelerated program entails. The advisors will simply tell you it is "tough" but they have no idea what it is really like because they are not nurses and they never went through nursing school. By the way, Pathophysiology is very hard...if you are going to ignore my advice and do the accelerated anyway...get Patho out of the way before you start. You will be glad you did!

Thanks for the advice. I realize how difficult it will be, and I still want to do it, and I do have a few good reasons. The biggest ones being 1) I don't want to/can't afford to be in school and not earning money for longer than that, and 2) I can only mooch off my parents health insurance for so long, and since I'm diabetic, that's extremely important. But I feel that I am passionate and hard-working enough to go for it. I am planning to take Pathophysiology beforehand though. :) Thanks again for the advice, and I wish you the best of luck in the program!

Lacey, do you know what semester you will be taking Patho and also which semester will be your first in the actual nursing school? I may be able to sell you some books and give you some pointers since you are going to go ahead and do it. I understand the health insurance issue. My main reason for doing the program was the fact that I will be moving to Columbia in September of 2010 so I want to get it done. Also, I am married and I want to have children before I am too old and dried up! LOL. Anyways, tell your parents to support you while you're in school so you don't have to work!

I'm taking Patho in the spring, at Truman where I am right now. The nursing professors here have been really helpful letting me into classes that are normally reserved just for Truman nursing majors. I'll be starting the program in the summer of 2010, but I'm also applying to SLU's program so I'm not totally sure which I'm doing yet. (And of course, I still have to get accepted.) But if it works out, I will definitely take you up on those books. My parents are great. I'll be living at home with them during nursing school, so I won't have to pay rent or for food or anything, and I won't have to work!

I also applied in August to UMSL and to the accelerated nursing program, it took them a month to process my application, I just checked MyView, and I got admitted for general admission. I think it takes a month before you find out if you admitted to the accelerated program.

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