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hey guys! i was just wondering who all on this website is planning on transferring from stlcc and/or applying to the accelerated bsn program @ umsl. does anyone know if we need letters of reccomendation? i read on some other posts about them and some sort of paper but the nursing receptionist said that i didn't need either. i've been talking to a advisor @ the college of nursing but there hard to catch up with without a appointment. i figure we can exchange info and ask questions to each other. :typing

thanks in advance!

oh, and if you all don't mind me asking, how in the heck are you guys planning to pay for that 30k bill???.... i got about :twocents: so far!!!!

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Hey I totally understand where your stress is coming from--I was SO there last year! UMSL was pretty fast regarding the application process. If you're worried about whether or not they receive your transcripts, make sure to follow up constantly until they confirm it. I honestly don't remember how long it took them to get back to me with the approved application. (Sorry for not having that info) I can say that once you're in, time flies! My graduation is 2 weeks from today, and my last final is in a week and a half. I just got hired on for an ER nurse fellowship and am thrilled about that as well! Good luck!

For starters I would like to say CONGRATS and THANK U VERY MUCH to my friendly ghost! You have helped me so much in this process! Im very proud and u give me so much confidence given that you have successfully completed this program. Thumbs^!

Now!, to WhiteShadows. We need to be friends! hopefully well both get in the early admit. My suggestion for u is to not worry about the transcript with A&P course included. Only the college of nursing will care about that and u can just have them sent that over once ur a student. That should allow the university more time to process u and admit u. I am currently a student at UMSL too but i dont have any classes there. Im still full time at Flo. I basically just have a student # and an email address. Also, make an appointment with a counsler to do the early admissions. That was what my counsler told me to do.

Best of luck! Hope to see u next summer!

P.S. I, too am taking my jr. level @ umsl next spring. maybe we can do it together as we get prepared for the nursing program. Im sure it'll be here before we kno it!

Hey Libra! Yea, I think I am going to go ahead and send the transcripts on Monday and apply for general admission. Do you remember how long it took for them to get back to you? Have you applied yet for the Accelerate Program? I've met with an advisor once back in Spring and she was very helpful...I feel like I have just forgotten everything she told me. lol When you said to make an appointment with a counsler to do early admissions...Do you mean to meet with an advisor to fill out the application and stuff?

Yea, it'd be fun to take College Comp. together...we'll have to see how our schedules match up and everything.

PS. Does anyone know how many posts you need until you can PM? I thought I heard 15 so I have a few to go!

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PS. Does anyone know how many posts you need until you can PM? I thought I heard 15 so I have a few to go!

You are can send PM's when you have 15 posts. You are almost there.

Hey, i don't exactly remember how long it took. i appled through the DAP (dual admissions program) as soon as i started college so i dont know if that makes it a longer or shorter process. I got my acceptance letter i think like 2 weeks later. I have not applied for the accelerated program yet, i got an appointment to do that on the 17th with a counsler. I dont know if that is a standard practice to do it with them or not, i was just told to. I have been talkin to them alot so if u have any questions i will try and answer them. I still have to continue being a full time student @ Flo in the spring so i wanna do it either before all the classes at flo or after. UMSL puts their spring classes online in oct so we can see then.

Hey Friendly Ghost! I was just wondering what your schedule is like. I mean do you get like a summer break and spring break in the accelerated program? How long is the Christmas break? I was just wondering because my brother is getting married next August and I am super worried I will have a ton of exams well nothing that can be done about it I guess!

good question....

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You will still get some breaks! Christmas break (between fall and spring semesters) is just like everyone else in college--about 4-5 weeks off. That will be your longest break. You also still get spring break in March, and after your first semester is completed around the end of July/early August, you will also have about 2-2.5 weeks off then as well. It may be accelerated, but thankfully they still give some breaks! You will need them...I know I did!

Hi! I am also applying for UMSL's 2010 Accelerated BSN program. I'm graduating from Truman State in May so I will already have another degree... although not even remotely related to nursing. I am kind of worried about being able to get all my pre-reqs, because at Truman you have to be a bio major or health major or psych major to get into some of the ones I need... I am hoping I can get overrides from the professors of the classes.

I have in all my application materials that UMSL's website says we need. Is there anything besides the general admission material and the supplemental application for the nursing program? My UMSL general admission stuff was all in over a month ago though, and I haven't heard from them yet. I called and they said it was because they were still getting to the applications for this fall and then they would start on the 2010 applications. Is anyone else having this problem?


What classes do u have to take still? I would suggest that u go to a community college and take the courses if they dont allow u to do it there. I dont have the problem about the admissions bc am dually enrolled at two colleges one being umsl. I would suggest that u apply for regular admission for the fall so that they will process it immediately. u remain a student even if u dont go in the fall. they will just reupdate u in the summer.

That's interesting, I never thought of that! Do you know if there's a way to change my application since it has already been submitted?

For pre-reqs I still have to take A&P 2, Microbiology, Nutrition, Psych, and a Philosophy class. Last year I was thinking about going to UMSL or Meramec this coming year to finish them, because that would be easy. But I wasn't able to finish all my classes for my majors that I've already been working on for 4 years, which is why I'm staying at Truman. It's kind of a frustrating situation... but a professor would have to be a real jerk to not let me in a class that I need for UMSL's program, so I'm just hoping none of the professors are that mean!

Is there a community college by truman? take em there if u have to... do u have time to do all the classses u need plus what umsl wants in two semesters? I dont know about changing ur application but just call em today and see what they say... I would suggest to u to make contact with all of those teachers before fall starts so that u know if u can do it there or not... even if u get them all done but one, UMSL most likely wont let u in....

hope it all works out!

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