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hey guys! i was just wondering who all on this website is planning on transferring from stlcc and/or applying to the accelerated bsn program @ umsl. does anyone know if we need letters of reccomendation? i read on some other posts about them and some sort of paper but the nursing receptionist said that i didn't need either. i've been talking to a advisor @ the college of nursing but there hard to catch up with without a appointment. i figure we can exchange info and ask questions to each other. :typing

thanks in advance!

oh, and if you all don't mind me asking, how in the heck are you guys planning to pay for that 30k bill???.... i got about :twocents: so far!!!!

HI GUYS! Im going to go buy my BOOKS for class in a couple hours!!! I spoke to the bookstore yesterday and we have a total of TEN WHOLE BOOKS I think, lol i kinda lost count after 6 or 7. So this will be the first time in many years I WILL WEAR A BOOKBAG to class lol. PM me later tonight if you wanna know how much i had to leave at the counter :(

Just bought mine yesterday! I ended up with 9 including the skills kit and one that was just recommended but not required, but I didn't have to buy the book for Patho since I've already taken it. They were pretty pricey, but I know we'll get a lot of use out of them! I am so excited and I can't believe how close we're getting!!!

yea I know what cha mean. this week has been going by slowly and quickly for me lol. part of me wants to jump right in and start and the other part of me wants to fun for the hills lol! what time is orientation? i kno that i should know but i misplaced my papers and didnt feel like hunting them down. thanks!

What a crazy two weeks this will be, finals this week, next week start! Whew. I have the orientation in my calendar as 0900-1230, Seton 6. Time to finally meet everybody.

yeah I finish my finals yesterday, and finally bought my books today. Whew!! You're right those books are heavy and pricey. I am also looking forward to meeting everyone on Friday. Good luck to everyone still taking finals!

Hey everyone, Im trying to get into umsls accelerated program for 2012. I know there is a ranking system they use to determine who gets in and who doesnt. To be frank I dont know just how competitive it is. Right now I've got a 3.83 oa gpa and a 3.0 science gpa. The transfer guide told me I should wait until the later application date so my science gpa will be higher. Any ideas?

They give twice as many points for your science GPA than for your other GPA so if you have more science classes to take, finish them before applying. The advisor I talked to (Jill) said she recommends taking atleast 3 of the 4 science classes before applying but ideally having them all done will give you the best shot.

The answer to the gpa question you already have a bachelor's or are you entering as an undergraduate. If you already have a degree, the gpa requirement is less stringent. The advisors are pretty good at knowing what you need.

Okay, I have to correct my previous post. The point system is for the traditional and the part time program. The accelerated has a higher GPA requirement(3.2 minimum I think) and they won't consider you unless you have atleast that. You should talk with an advisor though, they are really helpful. I was just there last week and talked to Jill.

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This is a little late to the game regarding this post. But, if you don't already have a Bachelor's degree, you can apply for the HRSA scholarship. Just google HRSA. It's a full-ride, plus monthly stipend, & you just have to work a certain # of years in an "underserved" position. In the STL area, that would be about anywhere except an MD office or dialysis. I had 15 months financed (UMSL accelerated, summer class of 2010) & have a 2 year "obligation."

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