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Has anyone had any success with Henry Ford's online job application. I've applied for a couple positions that I have direct experience in and have marked that I am available for any shift on any day of the week. Every time I get an email back saying "Thank you for applying blah blah blah...but we are pursuing candidates who's qualifications better fit the job blah." Not that I'm the greatest but with my all my experience I would assume I would atleast get an interview. Since this has happened several times through the years I assume that the online postings are just formalities and that you must contact the recruiter directly. In fact I doubt they even look at your uploaded resume so I took 2 minutes and applied to about 25 different positions (most that I have no business applying for like 'Clinical psychologist') and got the same form letter back for each. I assume if they actually looked at my app. they would have sent me back an email saying "What's the matter with you".


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click on career link then click on the hospital that you've applied for a job. once you get to that job posting page, on the top right next to a bold letters find your drem job here click on sign in and once you are signed in you have choices and one of them is the view status of application. it will show what process your application is in, whether you applied, managers are reviewing your application, you had interview, you were offered a job etc.


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I would DEFINITELY call the recruiter! I applied for a job and called a week later. She had it in her file that she had already called me for an interview & was awaiting my return call. SHE NEVER CALLED IN THE FIRST PLACE! So, yes-- call! I ended up getting the job, too! Good luck!


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I had no trouble obtaining an interview for one of the several positions I applied for online with HF...I have heard that they have a hiring freeze though, so I would call the recruiter to find out what the deal is.


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I have applied for several jobs online through HF and have gotten the same response as you (the automated email).


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The online app worked for me, but I too got about 10 emails back saying "pursuing other candidates". I just kept filling them out for the heck of it, and it eventually worked.

My funniest experience was with the St. John website. About a month ago I applied for all positions that had "Graduate Nurse" in the description. About an hour later I got a call from HR saying that they are not hiring ANY nurses without experience. I told her that I only applied for jobs that were posted as Graduate Nurse. She seemed really irritated, like I had done something wrong. She outright said that I was wasting my time. But then she said in her best corporate voice to please continue looking on the website because they continually post new jobs blah blah blah... Now, a month later, I'm getting the emails saying "sorry, due to budgeting we're not hiring new grads...but we'll keep you on file..."


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I am assuming that you are NOT a new grad? They will not accept new grads until they have their license. Unless it is for a nurse intern position. So as long as you are not a new the recruiter and bother them. (That's what I always feel like I'm doing but it's really the only way ha)


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Well, 3 of my friends just got jobs there and they JUST graduated. They won't have their license until they take the NCLEX, so for now they are graduate nurses (not interns).


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I applied for 10-11 positions with HFH and I received a callback for 1 (which is where I am working currently), all of the others stated "pursuing other candidates" it's just the luck of the draw, and timing. Make sure your resume stands out, cover letter, the works... also they have a tendency to hire within. For instance my nursing class just received some "information" about a few positions opening up... 95% of our class are currently HFH employees and 50-60% are currently externs. Even with that being said the recruiter indicated to us that it is EXTREMELY competitive this year so you are going to be up against other more experienced nurses, current employees, interns to RN's, etc. so it would probably be in your best interest to go through as many channels as possible Extern, Intern Outern (LOL). Sorry alot has to do with these tough economic times. and for the record... no hiring freeze for RN's. This was made very clear to me from someone who would know. Good Luck!

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