Applying to BOTH nursing and physician assistant programs?


because of my low grades (2.6 gpa) I just transferred to another college as a biology major. It will take me 2 more years to graduate with my Bachelors so im mapping out my plan for graduate school. Initially, my long term goal was to apply to an accelerated BS/MSN program once i graduate with my bio degree. But I started researching PA programs and the more that I research, the more i become interested! There is no doubt that I want to become a healthcare provider, but Im torn between these two careers.

in FALL 2013, im considering applying a number of nursing programs AND a number of pa programs. I have EVERY intention on improving my grades in the next two years, but im afraid my 1st 3 years of college will hurt me in the application process. This makes me want to apply to ALOT of schools so tht I have a better chance of getting accepted somewhere. anyhoo, HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF APPLYING TO NURSING AND PA PROGRAMS AT THE SAME TIME? AND HOW MANY SCHOOLS HAVE YOU GUYS APPLIED TO? I WAS THINKING 5 NURSING AND 5 PA.?


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Since they are two separate careers, I think people make a choice and focus on one versus the other. I looked into PA school and have no interest, I rather be a NP.


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Yea, I prefer NP over PA


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I'd say look into what the differences are between PA and NP in your state or the state where you would like to practice because it does vary. Just focus on trying to get your grades up and then worry more about which route to choose once you are a little closer to applying.


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I decided on nursing, more flexibility/jobs. Everyone who hears that I'm going to nursing school told me I am going in the right field (but I knew that already). How did I find out about if I would like nursing or not? My major in college had us do internships. I did my internships at the doctor's office in town and a day program for senior citizens.