AP during the summer term


Has anyone taken AP during the summer? Pros? Cons?


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Has anyone taken AP during the summer? Pros? Cons?

No. I thought about it, but then I decided it would be better to take in over a long semester. After taking Pharmacology over the first summer semester, I decided to take an easy class the next one. Those summer classes are a killer.


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Hello, I just finished A+P II this summer. 8 week course. 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. We lost 4 students who dropped out. They just spent to much time partying than studying. In my class on mon and tues we had homework due for lab that had to be turned in or you could not due the days lab. You lost 10 points per day. Lecture on monday for one chapter and then a quiz on tuesday. Tuesdays lecture quiz was the following monday. Test were four chapters every other tuesday.

Labs were easy and when you finished you could leave. If you do take A+P in the summer don't take too many other classes. Things happen and you want to participate in them.

Don't stress over it too much. If you are an A or B student you know how much time you will need for each chapter.



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I have just completed A&P I(5 weeks) , and A&P II,(5 weeks) and Micro ( 5 weeks). I would suggest to do it because i got a B in both A&P's and an A in Micro. I feel like I learned far more than I could have in a regular 15 weeks semester. maybe its just me but the info really sinks in when you to learn it in a day(sometimes an hour). I could have taken them with my nursing courses in September, but i thought my chance for success will be increased if I take them all now in the summer. I have been out of school since 1998, this is my first college experience, and this summer gave me a confidence boost so i know i will do well in nursing.

if you have the opportunity to take the summer sciences i would do it, it was very fun also


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I did a 6 week course (M-TH 5-9pm). It was difficult, but since I only took one class, it was okay. I didn't have time during the day to study and I worked on Saturdays, so it just took a little planning. I would recommend it though. By the time you figure out that you're tired of anatomy, the class will be over.

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I took AP1 last summer, which was hectic. However, I was also in a CNA class, which met everyday 8-3, so if I wasn't in that class--it would have been easier. I say if you're not doing much of anything else, it's not so bad. Just gotta keep up and study everyday.

I got an A! woo.


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Personally, I didn't like it. I've taken several other classes over summer sessions and I loved them. However, science classes have so much memorization that they are killer to take during a summer session. Well, at least at my school where tests are not multiple choice -- they are essay or fill in the blank with no answer bank. Trying to memorize that much information in such a short period of time requires A LOT of time. It is *possible* but for my study habits, it was insanity :)


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I took an 8-week A&P II this past summer, plus the attendant lab, and thought it rocked! Luckily, I didn't have any other classes to take during the summer. You really do have to be disciplined about studying in order to memorize everything, but it's doable. In addition to the class itself (2.5 hours a day, 5 days a week), I spent 3-4 hours studying. Also had a great study group at the end. We all got As.

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I took A&P I in 5 weeks and loved it. There was not time to forget the material before the exams!!! It is intense, but if you are the type that can focus and retain info well, you will be fine.

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