Anyones Quick/unofficial results stay the opposite to their real results??


Hey, so Im taking my NCLEX soon and have become very nervous. I have a job that should be starting next week and I want to tell them my result ASAP. I am planing on looking up my unofficial results, and/or the trick everyone is talking about.

My question is has anyone received these results and when the actual results were released got a different result?

For example. Did any one get the good pop up but fail... or find their unofficial report that said pass but the official BON results said you failed????

I may have to wait a month to find out the official and Im nervous to celebrate or cry prematurely. I mean I dont want to tell people that I passed if I really failed.


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PVT is not something you can use when applying for or telling employer you passed. Quick results from pearsonvue are unofficial but true the Official results come from the state


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Yah I know. Its more for me. I want to know can I celebrate early, or should I wait for the real results because the unofficial results are not accurate. does the unofficial results say pass but you really failed?


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Stop looking for the worst. The employer will verify your license status with the board. They are not interested in the PVT.