Anyone worn SAS shoes before?

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There's a store near me and I'm thinking about getting a pair. I took a look at the shoes but don't know what to get! They have slip-on shoes and those that lace up with a couple of styles in each. What style shoe did you have and would you recommend it? If anyone can give me the style name of the shoes they liked or hated, I'd really appreciate it.:)


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My mom wears them and swears by them ~ she said they had cost a little bit more, but were well worth the money ~ she said she can wear them all day long and her feet don't hurt. She said the style of her shoe is called Freetime ~ they are tie up shoes.


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GLDLPN, thank you so much for the information! I really appreciate it!:D


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when i was working in a casino about 1977, i found that all of the workers there wore sas shoes. they stood all day and needed comfortable shoes and they swore by sas. i've worn sas shoes ever since. over time i've found the sas freetime shoes the most comfortable for me; i wear 7 1/2 WW and like the squared toed shoes.

starting at 13, i had trouble with ingrown toe-nails; when i had to wear open-toed shoes for 6 months after procedures to narrow my toe-nails (10 years ago), i did discover that clarks springer sunrack sandals are more comfortable. i have a neuroma in my left foot; but my feet never hurt with the sunrack sandals. unfortunately, clarks doesn't make an enclosed version of the sunrack; and most employers won't allow sandals at work.

when wearing the sas shoes, i make a point of standing erect and shifting the weight to the back of my feet when standing for long periods of time. if i'm in a situation where i have to put the weight on the front parts of my feet, the left foots hurts terribly in the sas shoes. only the clark sunracks have a soft enough footbed not to hurt.

but my mother has had numerous foot surgeries and has terrible trouble with her feet. she wears new balance shoes. i don't know if you've ever heard of fred toenges shoes, where mom shops; it's a specialized shoe store were foot doctors actually work. so the sales people there are really in-the-know and very helpful in guiding customers to get good shoes. maybe there's a similar establishment where you live.


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Yes, for many years -- and I luuuuuuuuvv them. I've had several different styles over the years (and don't recall names) -- I prefer the extra support of a lace-up style over the slip-ons for work settings.

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I know this thread is old, but here goes! :)

I have a pair of SAS shoes, and I am so glad I made the $113 investment into this pair. My feet feel great after working a 16 hour double shift while wearing SAS shoes. I have a short, plump, oddly-shaped foot, so I was thrilled to discover that these shoes are sold in multiple widths.


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I have had and loved the SAS shoes - I have had problems with my feet forever and have really wide feet. I wore the lace up kind. They last forever, and you can replace the inner pad.

But I also love Crocs!


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Don't recall the name of the style, tie-up, but the pair of SAS shoes I found on sale for $15 one time were the best pair of shoes I ever had. I wore them out.

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