Anyone use Gnosis for training?


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Was just talking to a former coworker who took and OB job in another state. She was telling me about this training program - modules on different OB emergencies (PPH, pre-eclampsia, shoulder dystocia, etc). You take tests and then you're assigned modules based on your areas of weakness.

Anyone used that and can give me more info about it?

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We use it here. I actually like it.

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We use it! My hospital actually makes all of the residents take the modules too! It is very time consuming, but I learned a lot from it. They make us retake it every couple of years as a refresher, and I feel like I learn something new every time.

How it works is you take a pretest for each module, and depending on what you got right/wrong, it creates a list of topics to read through (including some videos, scenarios with questions/answers, and just written information with links to sources. It groups the topics in red, yellow and green. Red are things you got consistently wrong, yellow you got some things right and some wrong, and green are topics you got mostly or all right. My employer only requires us to review the red and yellows, but if you do the greens you get more CEUs. After you go through all of the material, you are tested again to see if your knowledge improved from the pretest. If it didn't you have to go through them again and retest. Each module takes several hours to complete, but my employer pays us to do them from home if we want, which is nice.