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Anyone use Education Portal


Took a look at Education Portal. Has anyone tried it ?

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Is this something on EC's website?

Pixie, it's a website with video courses. It's www. educationportal . com (had to space it out otherwise it creates a hyperlink)

They're not affiliated with EC. I used it extensively for A&P and Micro and I highly recommend it. I made an A on A&P using VangoNotes and EducationPortal I credit EP for the majority of that A. I'll be using them for pathophysiology as well.

I was a beta tester when it was still free and I got a free six months after they became a paid service. I personally feel like their prices are insanely high for what they're offering but the content is very good. I'd love to use them for Statistics but they're statistics course is still not even halfway done and it's been that way for at least six months. If I was a paying subscriber, I'd be making some noise about that!

Than you so much for your input. I watched some of the free content and it looked great but it's the price that throws me off.

Yeah, it's a lot. If you're a visual learner and you need need microbiology and A&P, I'd say it's definitel worth it for those two classes. If you don't need those two courses, it's not worth it. They have virtually no actual nursing content at this time so they won't be any help there.

I have micro and life span development

I have micro and life span development

I just looked at their Lifespan course, it's 96% complete. I'll be using for as I still have that course to do.

How do you find the percent complete and do the videos follow EC guide ?? Just watch the videos ? What are vango notes ? Is that like studygroup101 or Arrans?

When you click on a course there will be a window in the upper left hand corner telling you how far they've developed the course. And yes, they covered the content guide material.

VangoNotes are on audible.com. You buy them and download it to a device with the audible app. I downloaded them to my iPad and listened to them on that.

VangoNotes for Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology, 8/e Audiobook | Frederic H. Martini, Judi L. Nath | Audible.com

I'm a gold member so I get a free book a month for $14.95 a month. Definitely worth it if you have a lot of subjects to go through.

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I bought the SG101 audible and it doesn't really explain things. Kinda sounds like blah blah blah and you have no idea where they are headed. Is vango notes more discriptive ????

I bought the SG101 audible and it doesn't really explain things. Kinda sounds like blah blah blah and you have no idea where they are headed. Is vango notes more discriptive ????

Yes, Vangonotes is head and shoulders above sg101 audio, which I was not that impressed with.


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I agree, I also found SG101 audible uninteresting to the say the least. I much prefer Vangonotes. I am also working on using Education Portal for my Microbiology. Now just have to take the time and actually do it.

Thanks I think I going to try vango notes they are offering the first one free if you sign up.


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I'm thinking of using Education Portal for Micro and A&P. I'm currently using instantCert for Lifespan the questions are good but the bookmarks are not working and I'm repeating the same questions over and over again as if I never answered them. I like the idea of the videos of Education Portal since I am a visual learner but it's so pricey.