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Anyone taken the AANP in 2017?!

Ugh. You guys, I have failed the AANP test TWICE by 7 points each time. This has got to be by like 1 or 2 questions. I took it first in September last year, then again in December. I'm so over it already. I think I'm just freaking myself out about it and overanalyzing things.

SO has anyone taken the test now that it's 2017? Does the test content change each year? Any advice for me? TIA!!

I took it and passed on 12/23. I don't think it changes every year but there are different formats. I felt like I had a lot of GYN questions (teen, older adults, std's). I also feel like I had 5 vaccine questions.

I didn't really do anything special, just reviewed Leik and did all the questions. Her exam tips at the end of each chapter were really helpful and I had two questions in the test that were answered there. Have you taken a review course? I know they are pricey but they also help alot of people.

Good luck!!

Yes, I've use Hollier, and taken her questions and tests and always scored in the 80's. I really liked her review, and I listen to her CDs often while reviewing the book.

Maybe I should try Leik. I am quite lost as to why I practice test so well, then fail by 7 points. Thanks for replying!

I'm in your same boat CattyNattyRN. I took it twice last year and missed it by 1-2 questions as well. I've used Hollier as well and taken her questions. This time, I'm doing Hollier as well as the Liek book and her webinar review course (Liek's on Feb 21-24 online), Exam Edge questions, and Board Vitals. Hopefully between all of these I can make it over the 500 mark as well. Let me know if you have taken it already for 2017 and if you passed and what you thought. I'm currently scheduled to take it March 13. Best of luck to the both of us!

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Maybe we could exchange study notes, would you want to email what you're doing?

I haven't really made any study notes per se. Just been reviewing the Hollier and Liek material. I am attending Liek's review webinar this week 21-24. Hoping it just kind of solidifies my current knowledge to put me over the edge to pass. Also been doing practice exams through Exam edge, Holliers question bank, and Board Vitals question bank. I hope it's enough. What are you currently doing to prepare this time?

Have you scheduled your exam yet CattyNattyRN by chance?

I have the Hollier review and a CD copy of Fitzgerald (that I've never listened to), and I plan on going over those in the next week or two and also doing questions on the Leik app. I have t scheduled my test yet, but I will probably test in the next two weeks becuse I have the time off. I've also been talking to people who took it last year to get a feel for what they saw on the test. I'm just sort of taking notes as to what people saw on their test.

Hi CattyNattyRN,

I feel your pain. I took the exam in December 2016 and failed it after going through all of the APEA (Hollier) tapes from 2015 and reading the entire Liek book. What I learned after the first time was that the questions focused on descriptions and so that's what I decided to do in my preparation for the second attempt. Instead of using the tapes, I paid the $349 for the online course, printed the syllabus, and took notes. I paused when I needed to search Youtube for clarification of something or to see the photos of the dermatological conditions she lectures about. I'm a visual person and so I had to actually see what Kawasaki and Lyme Disease actually looked like. I also watched videos from Dr. Paul Bolin and Canada QBank to get a better understanding of concepts that I didn't think that Amelie spent much time on or didn't explain it in as much detail as I needed. After finishing the online course, I took two of her predictor courses which actually annoyed me because some of the questions were formatted in ANCC style rather than AANP which is the one that I took. There were questions with "choose all that apply" which I felt was just too annoying to deal with. I then paid $79 to take quizzes in the Qbank. I chose the "patient management" quizzes because it says that "This is the ultimate tool to prepare for the certification exam" and it was! The crazy part is that at least 10 of the questions on my exam were either word-for-word or very close to the questions on those quizzes! I couldn't believe that I recognized some of the questions from Amelie's website.

After taking the quiz, I looked at the areas I was weak in and then watched those videos again on the online course (you can only watch them twice). I also used the "exam tips" from the Liek book which was also very helpful because a lot of questions came from those tips that Liek gives. After doing those things, I was really prepared to take the test and felt that there were about 15-20 questions out of 150 that I either didn't know or was unsure about. I passed this time and you will too! I'm so sorry that it's taken more attempts than you planned, but I'm telling you those two sources were immensely helpful! Good luck on your next try. I also prayed really hard!

Hi AgentjMA and CattyNattyRN,

I am new to this website and just read your post. I am also as frustrated as you guys are. If possible can you please share your email address with me, I would like to ask you a few things. Thank you.

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Hi AgentJMA,

Sorry for the late reply. I just wrote you an email today around 3:45pm est. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you.

I can't imagine how frustrated you are but hang in there.

I just took the AANP today and passed.

Like you, I did Amelie Hollier's review. My school required the Fitzgerald Review before graduating; however, I did have a harder time with Fitzgerald's review because I do feel like she goes into more depth than what might be necessary. There was one of her review books though that REALLY helped me on the AANP. It's the book 'Nurse Practitioner: Certification Examination and Practice Preparation.' It has over 2,200 questions and breaks all of the content material down in a way that is easier to comprehend for studying purposes. I did have the Leik book but was somewhat hesitant to use it a lot because the one I had was outdated and still had JNC 7 Guidelines and not JNC 8. I did feel that the exam tips at the end of the chapters were extremely helpful though in terms of important points to focus on.

One more thing I did - After each section I completed, I would make myself a study guide. After doing this, I would have my husband or a friend quiz me. I found that a lot of times as I was studying the material I would think to myself, "Yes, I totally get this," but when I would physically be asked the questions, I would sometimes have a hard time recalling what I had read. Maybe find someone that would be willing to sit down with you and quiz you on what the symptoms are of a given condition, what the treatments entail, and how you would monitor the patient. I know it sounds corny, but it really did help me.

Sorry this post was so long.

As always, believe in yourself. You CAN and WILL pass boards.


Thanks so much for the advice. I really hope I pass this time. Was this your first time taking the exam? I made a list of previous questions I could remember and topics that I saw on the exam. Do you mind if I email you and run them by you to see if you think I'm on the right track? I'm scheduled to take my exam on Tuesday and feel like as it gets closer, I have more anxiety about it. Just want this darn thing behind me. I'm 9 months pregnant and due April 2nd although I don't think I'm going to get that far seeing is I'm already 1 cm and my OB is saying he's riding really low. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply. I worked today and got home a little bit later. Yes, yesterday was the first time I took my boards. I did wait a little after graduating though before sitting.

My email is BrittanyStarrSmith@gmail.com - Feel free to email me with any questions.

As of last week, I'm now certified!! :) I advise anyone who reads this to look up Quizlet FNP Exam - someone made a really good study guide! And to pay to take the AANP Practice test, as I saw some of my exact questions from it on my exam!! Good luck to everyone! You can do it!!

So happy to report I passed today! I can now say I'm an FNP-C! Such a relief!

Failed my exam on 4/7/17. I used the Leik book and the APEA online review course , the Amelie Hollier book of questions. I'm so lost on how I pick up from here. I have yet to receive my score or anything. Any advice? Any one want to do a study group ?

how was leik's review?

Excellent advice. I just bought the patient management quizes and have been doing the other suggestions that you have mentioned.

thank you.


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