Anyone still waiting to hear for fall?

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Is anyone else still waiting to hear if they got in to their program for fall?

We asked the program secretary this week when we could expect to hear, and all she would tell us was "by the end of the month." She wouldn't say if that was when letters were being mailed, the decision was being made, or when we would hear. :rolleyes:

I guess I'm just impatient, but I'd really like to know what I'll be doing come September! ;)


waiting...waiting...waiting... :p

I am sure your husband and kids are very proud of you! And I hope they all chip in to share the work around the house.


I do have a wonderful husband. I've been very blessed in that area, and he wants to see me succeed just as badly as I do. As for the's difficult to get a 4yo and a (barely)3yo to chip in with housework, but I sure do try to get them to. Getting them to clean their room is about as much help as I can get from those two angels. My other little one is only 8 months, so no housework help there (but he sure does help relieve stress with his cute little self).

Dear crna, I feel happy for your understanding husband and the lovely angels. You deserve a big bow from me: 3 young children at home, a home to run and a perfect 4.0! That's amazing. A support system is very important when we are returning to school when we are adults.

I don't have kids and I am not a 4.0. You are very inspiring. I need to work harder and overlook the hardship a bit more.

I wish you continuing courage, Christina

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