Anyone here with resume experience willing to help spruce up mine?

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I have absolutely no idea what I am doing! This is the first resume that I've ever made and it looks so pathetic and boring! I'm 23 and graduate this Spring with a BSN in nursing and am trying to get my resume together for a job fair tomorrow. I've checked out resume books at the library but none of them seem to focus on new student graduates/entry level or even on healthcare in general. I have it completed it but it looks so "blah." If anyone is willing to look at it and give me some much needed pointers, just post here and I will send it to you as an attachment via email. I appreciate and need all the help I can get. Thanks.:)

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All you need is a standard resume. I went to a professional resume writer when I decided to change jobs after 18 years. His comment was "Your a nurse, you've always been a nurse, and people want nurses, don't get crazy with the resume". He was right!! I don't think they even looked at the resume since I was hired on the spot with the resume still in my hand.

A creative resume is more important if you work in a field that isn't as well defined as nursing, or a specific job description.

And yes mine looked boring too (even with 18 years of experience)


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Isy -- Do a search here on your topic. Lots of info to be had.


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here is how my resume looks and I have been offered every job I have ever applied for:



city, state, zip

phone #

EDUCATION most recent school name



graduate/diploma: year


month/year list name of company


super and phone #

job title: simple explanation of job


SKILLS such as


EKG interpretation


cardiac a&p

summary this is where you boost yourself up

I am a hard working & compassionate

idividual. yadah yadah yadah

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With the nursing shortage the way it is it is often a matter or "You're warm, you're breathing, you're upright - you're hired!"


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Very funny but it tis true. LOL.



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Hi to yo all,

your replys sounds pretty good, I did send several resumees to different hospitals, but may be the problem with me is, that I´m a German. I made my education in Germany 17 years ago and for 10 years ago my 2 year training for an OR tech. Now I have a Greencard and I´m looking for a job as a ORtech and than to apply for the NCLEX in Calfornia. After that ( so God will) I will hold my Lisence as an RN.

If anybody know a Job as a OR Tech and a Hospital that is willing to work with me let me know it.

At last excuse my English it isn´t so pretty and don´t hesitate to correct me. ( it´s the only way to train the language)

Bye bye



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Thanks for the replys everyone!:) I was able to change it so that I was finally pleased with it and made several copies for the job fair. The job fair wasn't quite what I expected and there is going to be one at my school next month. Hopefully, that one will be less hectic and more informative.

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