anyone repeating a nursing course?

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Count me in ....

im repeating med surg this spring, my last chance :( I withdrew last semester due to personal reasons (almost ready to snap). Anyway, things are getting better nowadays and having that confidence back again. My failure made me evaluate my priorities and made me realize the most important thing. This time, I know what i want and im going for it no matter what!

Goodluck to everyone in my shoes. Prayers, determination and focus will bring us there. Godspeed!


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I know what i want and im going for it no matter what!

Smart person! Keep focused and I wish you all the best.

We are behind you.



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I wish you the very best. Much goodness can come out of adversity, as you are finding out. I know that all things happen for a reason, and you may not know now why you had to fail back then. But as you can see you are BAAAACK!!!! And you WILL succeed this time! ;)


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I had to withdraw Med-Surg in Nov and just restarted it Jan.13. I wasn't doing too good, and since I failed once, I couldn't fail again. I felt like it was my only choice. I'm glad that I did it. Good luck to you.


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i am considered a "returning student" because i didn't make it through the second semester. what stinks about our program is that if you drop or fail one semester, you have to go back to the semester before that you had already passed and retake it. this is where i was last semester...starting over. now i'm in the second semester again and have to pass the next 3 semesters or i'm out!! i didn't make it through ob/med-surg and that's what we are doing this semester. i already feel more confident and relaxed than i did before. someone (on this bb, i believe) said that if you drop/fail a semester it's because you weren't ready to go to the next level. that's what i believe based on my own experiences. i wasn't confident enough in my skills/clinicals or my knowledge of drugs/disease process, etc.

i hate that i had to repeat a semester i had already passed, but it did help bring my gpa up just a tad.

good luck to all this semester,


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I dropped out at the end of my first quarter in my LPN year to have my son. However, when I came in the following year and picked up at winter quarter, I regretted my decision. I wished that I had just started all over, because I forgot everything and was not in the school mode.


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I can not go into all the details about my "failures" b/c some of them were not "failures" on my part and I should have gone to an attorney a long time ago. What can you do when your work is up to par but the instructor or director tells you "some illegal stuff" and they fail you? Oh, oh. I've already said too much. Isn't it illegal to tell a person in advance that no matter what they do they are going to be failed? An attorney would have a heyday with the tape-recorded phone message, but of course that's illegal isn't it? Ha, ha, ha. Many times I think it is not worth it. You know, when some one in power gets it in for you, they get it in for you; and there is nothing you can do. And attorneys love to bleed you for the fees if you decide to sue.


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For the person who stated that her school makes you go back to the semester before your failure, now I have another example of how these b******s take our money! I thought I had heard all of them!


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I am an international student attending a community college in NY city. The fall of 2002 was my final year to complete my AAS in nursing which would make me eligable to take the NCLEX RN ,however what a diaster I failed out with a c- instead of getting a c I had a very difficult semester and I wondered to myself WHERE IS GOD WHEN HE IS REALLY NEEDED?.I am not motivated at all to repeat this horrific ordeal so I was wondering if aynone knows of a nurisng school where I could complete my RN within a year without a years exprience as an LPN

I hope my little helper angel is out there somwhere to give me some advice.Thank you very much Sammy wiz


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Hi Sammy,

I definitely know what you feel. In some way i would say that youre still lucky because you have one more chance to repeat a semester (when others dont have) and you will make it for sure. I know its traumatic but i always believe that theres always a reason why things happen. please don't blame GOD because he only wants good things for us, most of the time its our fault that we fail. Its a matter of how many times you rise everytime you fall that is important. Im an international student too and i always think that God put me here for a reason and i will make it till the end. Please take some time to yourself and sort out your priorities and when youre ready go back to school -- youre only a semester away. In my school last semester, 12 people (out of 42)graduated and 7 of them are repeaters.

But if you think you want another option, check excelsior college -- they accept students that have completed 50% of the clinicals.

In whatever decison you make, goodluck and God bless!

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I am in the same boat. I have to repeat my assessment class in order to move onto my last semester. Last semester was my first exposure to psychiatric nsg, and I didn't care much for the instructor. During lectures she would show up 30min late for class, pass out handouts, and then read the handouts verbally aloud to us. Well my first lecture starts tomorrow and I decided to check my school email account and the director to the program sent a message about chap reading assignment with 5 questions to bring to lecture, and a 1 page paper. I am gald I check my email, otherwise I would have walked into class empty handed on the first day. I am going to stay positive and focus on achieving an A in the course this semester. Best wishes and good luck to all students who are continuing on with there programs and those who are repeating the course.

Brown Suga

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Thank You every one for responding especially 77720 (I hope it's correct) for being so positive ,actually I don't have another Chance to repeat, I withdrew the semester before last to have a baby, and I repeated a nursing 211 for a failing grade of 72.8 instead of a 73.

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