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anyone regret going LPN then bridge program route?


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The ADN nursing programs where I live are either already filled for the next 2 years or the competition is insane (700 applicants for 50 spots).

For those reasons I applied to an LPN program and a diploma RN program. The diploma RN program is approx 10k more than the ADN RN program that is filled for 2 years. The LPN is just that LPN and not RN (which is my ultimate goal) but the bridge program is only 9 months and no waiting list.

I have applied to both and should hear back from both within the next 2 weeks (so I'm told)

IF (big IF) I get accepted to both do I pay the $30k and do the 2yr FT RN Diploma or do the LPN and bridge (actually takes only 2 years as well) for $20k?

That's a hard choice. What about financial aid. Sometimes costlier programs give more aid. Does the 9 month bridge program depend upon you having a lot of work experience? In other words are most of the other LPN's in the program men and women w/ 5, 10, or more years of experience? It may be very fast paced if it's only 9 months long. Whatever you decide, I wish you success and the best of luck! :)

i didint realize they had diploma RN programs..........I thought they got rid of those along time ago.......


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I was an LPN and bridged to RN. I don't regret my choice to go that route at all. I feel like I had so much more clinical time in my LPN program.

Of course you need to do what works out financially and time wise, but it worked for me!!

Best wishes! :)

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I bridged from LPN a couple years ago,, and spent 7 years as a LPN and yes,, after i finished my RN i really wish i would have gone to Rn first and saved myself some time. But hindsite is 20/20 and i cant say that the experience the LPN gave me wasnt worth its cost. When i have people ask me though i always encourage them to go the RN route if they can. 1 less test you have to take, in the long run,, save yourself some stress and only take that NCLEX once. I tend to think people who go LPN first with the intention of finishing their RN, end up getting comfortable and put off finishing. IMHO

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I started out as an LPN, and just finished my BSN. NCLEX soon, I hope.

I have heard this question time and again over the last 15 years.

It depends...

are you living at home with parents or in financially, and socially stable position?---go for the RN.

are you on the edge about paying the bills every month and need to get into a position that will give you more than minimum wage?---go for the LPN work on the RN after

in my experience, and MHO, it is generally easier to actually do some work on the side while in LPN school.

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