Anyone preparing for the 1st Excelsior RN exam?


Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone to take on the fast-paced excelsior rn program journey with me. Is there anyone out there who has gone this route? I am just a military spouse who is tired of moving before I can get accepted into a nursing program. I am in search of someone who is motivated and ready like I am to get this over that you?


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JOLIEDAME, I am taking my first test on Saturday. I cannot quit my job to go sit in a class all day so this is the only way for me. I also have a husband and three kids, this is a great way for me to advance my career! I too am eager and ready to get this over with! Good Luck!


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Oh, please add me too! I am scheduled for Health Saftey on March 28. I have already took all pre-req. at junior college but I took Microbiology through excelsior first. I figured it would be the hardest and I passed it.

I am jumping on the bandwagon and ready to get this over with. I WANT MY RN! LPN for six years, married (to a wonderful supporting man), I have a 5 year old, and work full time in Oncology (and loving it). I intend to take Chronicity in 3-4 weeks. I want to try to test 1-2 a month.



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Former corpsman, attending ST school, decided to go ahead and get the ADN/RN out of the way.

Studying for the ESSENTIALS OF NURSING CARE: HEATH SAFETY, intending to schedule it next month.

I've done upper-division Psych tests via Excelsior.. so hopefully these nursing tests won't be too much worse if I'm adequately prepared.


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def. purchase the practice exams... huge help!

I'm not nervous about the health saftey; i kinda feel like it's what i learned in LPN school six years ago and since I have been in the field I have learned more on job sites than from a book. Plus, I work with extra special, wonderful, intelligent, helpful... and I mean very helpful doctors who take thier time out of the day just to explain something to me when i need a question answered. I love Oncology, and I want to continue with my RN there. We have a new building being built as I type. I should be done this time next year, so when the building opens up and we transfer I want to go into it with my RN. That is much motivation for me and determination to finish!


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I began my medical journey as a military medic, then a nursing assistant, and then I completed the first semester of RN school. I completed all of my prereqs except microbiology and I want to take that this summer. Well, in between that time frame I got married to a wonderful man, I have a 5 year, and a baby due anyday with my son. The dillemma is that I haven't completed my task of completing my RN and now I can't take it anymore. I intend to take two exams a month also. I think the hardest thing for me is getting over the uneasiness about the cpne. I keep hearing about the practice test, so I think I will take one tomorrow.


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Practice exams are worth the money! I've already taken Health Safety. I'm currently getting ready for the 2nd one (not an LPN).

Good luck! ;)


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I am a private duty nurse and it is giving me plenty of time to study. I too am hoping to take 1-2 tests a month. I am so glad their are others starting this program the same time as I am.


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I am preparing for the first exam also. trying to complete all tests in 6 mos or less! :)


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Welcome to our new EC 'recruits'! ;)


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I am studying to take the first exam also, is there anyone out there with tips on how to study for these exams? I too am nervous. I would like to be finish with all exams by Oct. I applied to a lpn-rn bridge program, but it starts in Oct.

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