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Anyone need chemistry or math help?


I am willing to help any nursing students with their math or chemistry prerequisites. Any takers?

Yes might need Chemistry here! Moving onto week 2 tomorrow.

Just write the questions out and we will get to work. I will be checking this thread daily. Good luck guys!

I will be checking this thread in the morning. About to go to bed.

This is great! I am currently taking Chemistry and I'm sure I'll have some questions (we're in week 5).

Have you taken stats? In taking it in the summer or fall and Im gonna need help!

I have. It was a couple years ago but I do have an instructors edition for elementary statistics. All the answers are included. All I ask is that you are patient with me, I don't focus on statistics that much but I need to since it is one of the many prerequisites. I also have solution manuals for algebra and trigonometry.

this is really generous of you!

would you be able to help with orgo?

Sure, what topic in organic? Alkanes, constituents, isomers?

Could you help me with Oxidation and Reduction? This is going to be on my last assignment before I take the final chemistry exam!

Just chiming in to say it's really awesome of you to take some time out of your day to help everyone out. I'm sure it's much appreciated:)

Hello all. I am still here. Let me know if there are any more chemistry topics you need help with.

Hello I am in physiology and we do a lot of unit conversions I had a horrible chem teacher and got an A based on mainly the periodic table can you cover some metric system unit conversions please

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Hey SoCaliCNA, I am happy to help you. It works better for me if you give me specific questions or topics. Let me know.

I'm in week 5 in chemistry and i need help with this stuff .. i actually attached a picture it's about writing the lewis dot on any formula and writing the electron groups on central (total/bonds/lone pairs) and the Geometry of it ... one question what are lone pairs??? Thank you so much .. btw I have other problems I need to work on its a 4 pg of what I've attached ..

Again to prevent confusion I just want an explanation on how to begin .. so I'll know what to do with the other problems .. Thankz again (=

Thank you so much this is the worksheet from lab

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