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  1. TriChick

    GRU / Augusta University MSN CNL Fall 2017

    We had two classes online, they were Biostatistics & Epidemiology and Health Care Policy. We had to find time outside of class to complete the work for those classes. Last semester, both online courses required a lot of group work (you are assigned a group the first day). I'm not sure if it's going to be the same next Fall.
  2. TriChick

    GRU / Augusta University MSN CNL Fall 2017

    I can only speak for the Augusta campus, but our schedules were similar I believe. We had lab Mon and Friday from 9am until 1pm (I believe that Athens only had lab on Mondays and just had a longer day to cover what we covered over the two days that week). Clinical on Tuesday from 6:30am-3pm (unsure which day Athens does clinical exactly, but the times were the same). Wednesdays we had off. Thursday was lecture 9am-4pm and both Athens and Augusta listened to the lecture simultaneously. I hope this helps!
  3. TriChick

    L&D RN w/ Herpes - Embarrassed

    If any of my coworkers were the type to think any different of my once learning I had a very common diagnosis, they are not the type whose approval and respect I would want anyway. If any of your coworkers are anything other than elated for you and the birth of your child, they aren't worth the energy it would take worrying about what they think. Don't feel embarrassed, you are a human being:) And good luck on your journey towards parenthood! It's one hell of a ride:)
  4. TriChick

    Are We Still Holding Back Baby's Head?

    With my second child I went from 6 to 10 in
  5. Based on your posts, I'm getting the feeling that you have trouble reading people sometimes.
  6. TriChick

    OB nurses in the military!

    In order to get more responses, I would suggest reposting this in the Government/Military forum. There is a wealth of knowledge over there and I'm sure you would get detailed responses quickly!:)
  7. If you are nervous about asking the instructor because you are worried you will get in trouble, that should tell you something. It's your call if you want to use online flashcards created by other students to complete an exam, or if you want to use your own knowledge to answer the questions. That's the way you should be looking at it, in my opinion.
  8. And obviously, don't use Quizlet for exams. Quizlet cards are often created in a roundabout way from test question banks. If you are needing to use Quizlet to answer an exam question, it's because you don't know the material and you aren't learning it. Not only is it a bad habit to get into, but it's likely considered cheating by your school.
  9. Many of us who have "counterconstructive responses" have them not because we have short attention spans, rather because we have actually taken the time to read MANY of the posts and threads you have had. I, for one, paid enough attention to your posts over the last few months that I offered a VERY long and detailed post addressing your anxiety and suggesting you find the underlying issue. The people who I see getting frustrated are the ones who have offered you a lot of advice in the past that you have blown off because we might have asked questions you didn't like or were critical of the way you were speaking about other individuals (instructors, a girl who wasn't interested in a romantic relationship, etc.). I have a feeling, just based on how in-the-weeds you get with things, that you are risking burning out those in real life who want to help you and share their experiences. While I'm sure people are willing to help (contrary to your opinion at times), if you are asking things like what exact text string to Google to find information, I can understand why you feel "blown off". A lot of these things you will likely have to figure out on your own, unfortunately, like most other nursing students have to. We are responsible for our own success and sometimes have to fill in the blanks on our own. I start nursing school next month (a direct-entry MSN program for non-nurses) and I have no false expectations that any of my instructors are going to hold my hand, tailor their teaching methods to accommodate me, or hand me 100% of what I will need to know. In that regard, it ISN'T much different than the military and it might be beneficial to view it similar to training to a certain extent. Truth be told, I AM curious why you have such severe anxiety regarding studying, classes, etc. if you have gotten such good grades so far.
  10. TriChick

    MorUniversity: the scrubs from hades

    That's insane. In my program, we are given the color and a few regs (no cargo pockets if possible, etc) and allowed to purchase whatever brand we want that fits the criteria. I chose a pair of Grey's and a pair of Helping Hands Purple label, and each SET was about $50-$60 including embroidery. What brand is $50 a top?!
  11. TriChick

    Army or Navy

    Haha this all being said, I can't rightfully tell you which service to join because I'm insanely biased:) *whispers* Go Navy!
  12. TriChick

    Army or Navy

    Military life is very hard on a family as you will all feel as though some external force is calling the shots and directing your life as a family unit (which it is, to an extent). That being said, I didn't get married and start a family until the last year of my 10 years in, so I didn't see the long-term effects that it would have on ours. I don't want to discourage you though, serving in the Navy was an absolute honor for me and when the day comes and I'm nearing the end of my time on this planet, I have no doubt I will look back on my time as a Sailor as one of the most meaningful periods of my life.
  13. TriChick

    Army or Navy

    I just wanted to chime in, not as a nurse but as a Navy veteran. Unfortunately, integrity isn't nearly as built into some service members as the civilian world sometimes believes. You will get some people who are serious about their health, but you will also get A LOT of individuals going to sick call appointments in order to get out of PT/duty/etc. You will also have individuals who are non-compliant, pill seeking, and lying about symptoms in order to be "med down" and unable to work to the same standard as their shipmates/battle buddies. Service members quickly realize that if you want to get out of something, your NCO can't stop you from going to medical. Though it may not be the abuse you are used you, you will ABSOLUTELY see a lot of abuse of the system. Add to that a large number of people who are getting out within the next 6-ish months and all of a sudden are making appointments for everything under the sun because they want it documented prior to their EAOS so they can add it to their VA disability claim. I love my fellow veterans and active duty service members and don't mean to disparage them, but I feel that a lot of people think "military medicine" and picture corpsmen and medics on the battle field plugging whatever bleeding hole they can find while the service members expresses their gratitude. While this obviously happens, more often than not you are going to get service members who are fairly indifferent to the care they are receiving. Deep down, many of us realize how lucky we are to have free quality healthcare, however on the surface you are likely going to hear more jokes about "how military health care is going to kill you" or "military docs/nurses/etc. couldn't care less, you are nothing but a nametape" than you will expressions of gratitude. I don't want to deter you, I just wanted to give some insight so you weren't disappointed.
  14. Perhaps it's anxiety because it's a new type of situation? As you gain confidence in your ability to handle situations like that, it likely won't elicit the same response. I've had a lot of experiences in life where something new freaked the hell out of me, but looking back a few years more experienced and few years wiser, I kind of laughed at how nervous I was.:)
  15. This! I'm not sure how many times people need to suggest you stop bashing instructors for it to stick? You and only you are responsible for your success. For my nutrition course, I took a format where I was handed a textbook and told in 8 weeks I would take a 200-question exam worth 100% of my grade. That's it. I did it and moved on with my life. Nutrition is not the hardest class you will face, it's not even the hardest pre-req. It's a cake walk compared to A&P, in my opinion. Believe me when I say that complaining about an instructor if you are stumbling in nursing school isn't going to end in your favor. Stop obsessing over blaming instructors for struggles you may be having in class. As a fellow veteran, I KNOW the military taught you better than this and I KNOW your NCOs wouldn't have allowed you to blame them instead of taking some personal accountability. Study for the class. Don't cheat on Quizlet. Learn how to be mature in ALL classes, not just the ones that hold your interest. Figure out how to change your attitude towards instructors. What they do to earn their paycheck and the hours you perceive them putting in are none of your business. They have crossed hurdles that you haven't reached yet, and they deserve professional respect for that. Those are the things you need to focus on if you ever want to make it to even sit the NCLEX.