Anyone know of a LPN program in or around Philadelphia, PA?

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well ladies I graduated from eastern on Jan 26 2012 and took my boards march 19 and passed with only 85 questions on the first try and I got my first job offer yesterday. Yayyyy it has been a long hard year if struggles and sacrifice. Lpn school is no easy task and will drain the life out of you literally. But it's doable and very easy to fail. My class started with 30 and 13 didn't make it. Good Luck

Hi I'm new on here and was browsing for a while I see some give out good advice so I would like some for myself.. I am looking to start the LPN program at either school in Philadelphia in jan or feb. I know for sure that Eastern classes start in feb 2013 .. Has anyone went to either schools and why did you choose the school.? Also how are the classes I have seen a bit bad reviews about pitc but I know it's a new year and things change so any advice please help thanks ☺

P.s I'm not sure if I'm writing on the right thread..I'm new

I posted on other threads but can't seem to get any info so please help ?????

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