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Anyone interested in Dialysis Techanican Program?


Specializes in Dialysis Tech.

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I agree with TraumaRUs.

What is your Bachelor's degree in?

I have in the past hired non-medical people for PCT positions and they have turned out to be excellent employees.

What are the reasons why you are interested in dialysis?

Hi Tish88,

I don't have any medical knowledge, background, or proper study. I graduated in Bachelor's degree in Philippines. Do you know where I can find a free Dialysis training program? Am I qualified for that?

Thanks a lot. God bless.


Specializes in Dialysis (acute & chronic).

Dialysis Clinics in the United States offer FREE training after you are hired.

The schools that offer dialysis training cost thousands of dollars to attend.

Leo19, what is your bachelors degree in?

I graduated Engineering in the Philippines but wasn't able to practice it since I got a different job. I just got here in US this year. I'm looking for a reputable training School with low tuition fee for that Dialysis technology. I'm from East Bay, CA.

Can you help me Tish88 on this matter? It's hard for me to get a job here. Thanks a lot.


Specializes in Dialysis (acute & chronic).

I don't live in CA, so I am not familiar with the area and I don't know if there are any programs there. Try googling for dialysis patient care technician programs in CA.

Have you tried applying to Davita or Fresenius Medical Care? Those are the 2 largest dialysis companies in the US. They both have websites.

I've seen the Davita and Fresenius websites. How can I apply there if I dont have proper training? How much is the salary for Dialysis technician? Also, can I take that training eventho I'm not in medical field or background?

Thanks a lot, Tish88. God bless.

minnie02, i recently took a dialysis class , and pass my ccht exam , i was wondering if you work at a clinic in pines? I did my clinicals there couple months agao and the DON was named minnie.

I Work for Fresenius and they Paid me for my training. I had no prior jobs in the medical field besides phlebotomy license, CNA certificate, and EKG certificate.

well i have the same cna , phlebotomy, ekg , cpa, bls , i got an interview friday, what do you think it will be like?

The interview was pretty basic my CM at the time asked questions asking if I knew what dialysis is, if I was good with computers and technology. She asked why i think i would be a good fit. If you are unsure of exactly what techs do look at the job description. Also check out the company's website before hand whether it be DaVita or Fresenius. I Youtubed videos about dialysis Txs and learned quite a bit!!!! Good luck

hey do you know what fresenius starts there techs out an hour? in south florida

No I assume its less than where I am. The cost of living in mass is higher. In assuming maybe 10-11 however I'm not sure. Mass is 14-16

jus got back from interview, i thought it went well, very friendly guy, last question of the day was how much i want an hour, i told him students from my class got offered 13-14hr to start and they werent even certified. i am!! i will know by wednesday if he will hire me.

Going to school and prepare your self to be a dialysis tech is better than being train at the facility since you get better educated and go in with experience. Also you have more chances of getting hired. I tryed both ways and didnt work without the education and being a CNA. After finishing my clinicals I applied at davita and a week later got interview and today I had my face interview which i think went great. Now crossing my fingers :)

hey martinez i passed my ccht in aug7 2012, and still cant get a job, any advice?

hey martinez i passed my ccht in aug7 2012, and still cant get a job, any advice?

Have you done any clinical's? The VA hospital helps students by allowing them get experience. At least that's what help me besides having a good interview.

yes i went to school to become a dialysis tech, did three months clinicals, and passed my test after, im in south florida, there a VA close to my home, i will check them out soon, thanks for the tip...

Just to let everyone know Davita & FMCNA do high with patient care experience or as a PTC and train for a certified dialysis tech. I just got hired Thursday 7/9/15. I am a certified Phlebotomy and EKG tech. I will receive 10 weeks of training while being paid my regular hourly wages. I will receive a raise once certified and they are giving me 18 months to get certified for continued employment. They will also assist with RN tuition if you want to go back to school for RN. They also offer PTC tuition reimbursement up to a certain amount with certain qualifications.


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Waste of money where I work. They train them here right off the street.