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Anyone interested in Dialysis Techanican Program?


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Hi, i know your post was several years past.. Ive been looking for dialysis tech training from fresenuis do you still have info?

I would like to be train in dialysis techanican.at the present time a moment I'm looking into a good CNA and PCT program I live in the Atlanta area and I would like to once I graduated and completed my CNA and PCT program I would like the extra training and being a dialysis tech

How much did they start you off, being that you weren't certified? Thank you.

Well, the program I went through also is a well know company which is a dialysis company. And For the fact, I got to cannulate patients, took BP, vitals, entired data in the system, also got one-one talk with nurses/nephorlogist, see how the nurses did the catheter as I m not a nurse, and I always wanted to how its like. There are few other places where these programs take place, but they are very expensive, but the place I went there It was worth every bit. They send recommendation letters and student resumes to different dialysis companies, so right now I m going to go in for interview soon for working as PCT, I just got certified. The program is not expensive at all. That all I can say. I had a really good experience, and the previous people who took the course have a really good feeback.

You sound as if you don' t want to hear the truth. I was hired at one of the Big Two with just a high school diploma, and they Do train you. Smh. Utilize Google if you don't believe it.

Is this an ad?

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Yes please txt me atv918-971-8444