has anyone herd of Hprovider ?

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i recieved a pamplet in the mail a few weeks from taking my nclex LVN, it scared me because it made me think they sent them out to the people that failed and sure enough 2 weeks later i recieved my results failed! did not pass, but its ok because i wont let it bring me down. So what im asking is has anyone herd of Hprovider they offer a 3 day class and 3 weeks practice quesitons online for $350.00 im considering this any advice before i cough up the cash ???


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Haven't heard of this one. My suggestion, if you're going to pay money, is to go with the Kaplan Q-trainer. But remember you have to do most of the work on your own after the course is over. Good luck.


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Kaplan is a bit more expensive.... but you get 3 months of online help; and 4 days in the classroom. Depending where you are and their rules, Kaplan has a money back guarantee but you have to look at the small print to see if you qualify. You can either get your money back or take their class again. I didn't have to do either. The class is a test taking class so it's more strategy.... if you're looking for content review... this is not for you. They expect you to know the content.

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