does anyone have a very general idea of what an LPN does on the everage day?

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But does anyone have a very general idea of what an LPN does on the everage day?Ill start my school in NC and we are eventually moving to WV

if it varies just too much...thats ok...thanks!!!

By the time you graduate the LVN/LPN program, you have the general knowledge of how to do basically everything an LVN/LPN does. The main thing you need to focus on with a new job is to know where to look for information (what charts do you need to look at? any binders? check the fax machine for new orders) because once you know where to look, then the "what" and "when" will basically be told to you.

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I'm in pediatric home health. And while there are many different things I'm able to do thru the scope of my practice, I only utilize a few. My job includes: g-tube feedings, trach and gtube site care, giving meds, breathing tx, assessments, vitals, universal precautions, charting, filling o2 tanks, maintaining equipment, cleaning equipment, diaper changes, suctioning, monitor 02 sats, laundry, next day preparations (I'm NOC shift) and getting the kid to actually go to sleep. Most nights are easy, which is fantastic. When the kid is sick, then I have a slightly more challenging night. Get to use more of my critical thinking skills.

In LVN/LPN school, I learned tons though. Tons of procedures, pharmacology, assessment skills, ect. When you get a job, depending what the job is will depend on the skills you utilize.

This is where i had problems. See here in my state we have Med Techs they pass all the drugs they do the finger sticks they are a step above a CNA. That being said. As a LPN i felt i was just babysitter really i missed the trenches and getting in there and doing care. When they moved me to nights sure i had charting to do. maybe on 1 -3 people max. Sometimes had to call the DR or when someone died or had to be transported out all the proper paperwork was done. I had to claibrate the glucose monitors, And i did do rounds with my Aids not because i didn't trust them because i was bored to death. In the LTC not really much to do during the night. Wound care is done during the day assessments are as well during the day unless there's a problem. Funny they told me the nightshift was their so called problem child that the aids were not doing their job and out of control. I had no problems matter of fact to me it was the opposite My aids got people up when they had to got them showered. it was a 80 bed including a RCF and Special Care Unit. We only had 60 people in there. Just to let you all know i'm inactive because i don't know whats next so i took a break from nursing to try different things but keep my license current. these are my thoughts use them as you wish... Anthony

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Get to work, do narc count, fend off 3 to 4 curious and confused residents during narc count, get report, walk floor, remove one person from playing in toilet, mediate argument over walkers between 2 residents. chase down 5 residents so I can do accu check, feed one right then and there and give the other 4 insulin, find their aids to remind them to let me know if they eat their dinner. answer 10 body monitor alarms while I am doing accu checks. set up for 1 st med pass. Pull atb from ekit for new order. try to convince one very confused little gentleman that I am not his wife and yes I really do need him to pee in the cup for me, preferably now. try to remember who was close by (resident wise) the last time I walked away from med cart cuz it ain't where I left it. find med cart and get through med pass with only 2 phone calls from family members. cajole and bribe 4 residents to their room (using ice cream) so I can asses and do their wound treatments,, thankfully one was my weekly assessment so was able to do head to toe at same time. Do an incident report for a skin tear......twice cuz when I went to answer a body monitor my first one disappeared. go to bathroom pee and eat sandwich. give out three hugs on my way back to nursing station. find out 1 of my diabetics who had coverage didn't eat dinner. take hpnx, sandwich and supplemental shake to her room get her to eat about half. remove one resident who is trying to climb ontop of wheeled snack cart and redirect her to a safer activity this is the same one who took med cart earlier. stand in nurses station trying to remember just what the heck I was doing before i left it last time. note resident in w/c tearing up my first incident report. start charting, unbelievably,:up: get thru charting with no interruptions. do second med pass and accu checks. go room to room and give a few hugs a couple of pats on the hand and make sure every body is tucked in and warm and dry. My resident are all VERY confused but still very mobile. I love them to pieces and go home happy.:nurse::redbeathe

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