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Anyone else starting a business as a nursing student?

I'm starting a home care agency in a month and would like to hear more about other students starting a business while still in school.

Tell me more about yourself.

What made you think of the idea? What kind of business is it?

Is there any nursing student here thinking of starting a business? I'd like to hear your insights.


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You're starting a home care agency, or you're starting AT a home care agency? When you say starting a business, do you mean something as heavy as a home care agency, or becoming a consultant for Jamberry, Thirty-One, Pure Romance, Avon, etc.?

I worked with a few nurses who were reps for Pure Romance and Thirty-One, and they seemed to like it.

I'm starting a non-medical home care agency. I'm sending PSWs to client homes to help them with ADLs and housekeeping.

A home care agency. It basically means senior care agency. So I send PSWs to client homes to help them perform their ADLs and housekeeping.

It's not Canadian specific this time. I want to know nursing students from all over the world starting a business and see how they're managing.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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It's not common as most won't have access to the grant you received. Most students struggle to make ends meet while attending school full time. Many students can barely work part time, if at all, while attending a rigorous nursing program. Starting a business has many legal requirements in the US from creating a business name and registering with the state, ensuring you have a unique business name, creating a LP, PC, LLC, Corp, or Inc and all the corporate documents including incorporation declaration and bylaws, background checks, bonding of self and employees, bank accounts, certificate of need or other dept of health authorization, accounting, payroll, charting, reversals, billing, marketing, getting business classification EIN & Tax ID from the IRS, securing staff doing credential & background as well as pre employment health checks, insurance if required by # employees working >30hrs wk, direct deposit, liability, office/building, & malpractice insurance as well as disability & WC & employee Liability Insurance creating a business plan and securing additional start up funds

And more...most student nurses don't have a strong business background & resources to have the time and funds to start a business.

I tutored as a student. Sole proprietor. Cash or barter only. Worked for me..

FolksBtrippin, BSN, RN

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I'm always amazed at how complicated most Americans believe starting a small business is paperwork and red tape wise.

It can GET complicated if the business grows very large, requires a lot of capital, or you are doing work that is heavily regulated by the government. But it isn't extremely complicated to simply start working for yourself.

Anyway, I did not start my business in nursing school. I started the business long before nursing school and then pared down by eliminating contracts so that I could have the time to devote to classes, clinical, studies.

I would not advise someone to start up a business while starting nursing school simply because in my experience it takes a long time to get a business running to the point that you dont have to baby it. In the beginning you spend a lot of time advertising, building and losing money. Eventually your business gets up and walks on its own and then it pays you back. To start the process while you are also starting nursing school seems impossible to me as they both require a lot of dedication and time, blood sweat and tears type of stuff.

But this might not apply to you if you got some type of grant and already have a lot of support.

Good luck!

Yes, I can see your points. And it definitely isn't all red tape to start a business in the US. It's even easier in Canada, Ontario to start a home care agency.

I got doubts a lot when I first came up with the idea 5 months ago. Everyone thought it was impossible and a stupid idea.

But now that I've finished my business plan, got the grant, worked hard enough to raise the money to build this business last year and in high school, obtained a free office at the uni, and paid off all of my schooling, I have the same classmates begging me for a job and my parents are very proud.

I have three months during the summer to start this business up and I can manage in school, since I got past the hardest year of nursing working 40 hours a week and receiving straight As.

It'll cost me little to nothing to maintain the business. My only costs are advertising, gas, and my website, which the grant will cover for 6 months.

Thank you for your insight!

I'm just making a point of how I intend to build this business, how qualified I am, and how far I've gotten. I purely want to hear about previous experiences, so I said all of this to let everyone know that I got this and don't need to hear about how hard it is.

If you're offended by somebody sharing their accomplishments and how they achieved them, then you should reevaluate your priorities. Maybe learn a little from it.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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See you started with a business plan that you expanded on to apply for the grant. Those are not skills many nursing students have.

However the ability to create a business plan as well as staffing, marketing, outreach, licensing, protection from malpractice & liability, business insurance are the first steps towards creating a successful business. You previously posted that you did a modified needs analysis to promote your business' success potential.

While it would be wonderful for you to find others with you planning and drive towards success, I'm not sure many nursing students have a business planning background.

I don't have a business planning background. I just went to business workshops whenever I could, and did an immense amount of research on the internet. I'm only 20, so literally any nursing student can do this.

I wish I could see more nurses going into business. It would be great to relate more with somebody going through the same circumstances.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

Specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

Your business workshops gave you the business planning background and set you towards your success in getting your grant. It's not that easy in the US and a lot of time & consultation is needed. My father was a CPA that specialized in starting small businesses. He had three or four nurses as clients that he helped set up and develop their businesses.

The difference between you and other twenty year olds is that you had an idea and chose to act. You actively took workshops and did research. You've already achieved milestones such as being awarded the grant. There is a lot of work involved in the states so most nursing students would postpone the endeavor until after the graduated and started working as a nurse.

Try the nurse entrepreneur forum. Most are already nurses but you may find some likeminded folk there.

Thank you for the advice! =D I will definitely check out this forum.

It definitely is a lot of work in the states. The education there costs a lot more than Canada as well.

Hopefully I will meet some like-minded people soon =D

I'm currently a BSN student and have a network marketing business. I am about to expand it online through my blog. I've been blogging for over 10 years (switched sites several times), and just hired a social media/marketing expert friend to rebrand my website. I'm super-excited!! My site is focused on healthy living with a little bit of military life thrown in there (I'm a milspouse too). I know "they say" to not work during nursing school but the nice thing with an online business is that you can automate it (e-courses, e-books, etc.) and work on it when you can. My mom and I also just started a health and wellness podcast, so you could also say that's a type of business (no income from it yet but we plan on it eventually). *Edit* I'm also a professional violinist and have 1 violin student and play gigs when I can get them (occasionally).


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