Anyone else seeing a decline in elderly in LTC during quarantine?

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Due to Covid 19, many LTCF are placing their residents into social distancing with no visitors allowed.

We are a wonderful large gated facility with great staffing and wonderful residents. We have no positive cases. We have independent living, assisted living and healthcare at our facility. In healthcare section, our resident's age average mid 90's with many over 100.

We currently have no communal dining. Socializing is not doable at 6 feet apart since most are HOH. Masks are to be worn which causes communication to be even more difficult. Ultimately it is causing weight loss, anger, sadness etc. Plus the confused are getting more confused. Couples, living in separate areas, can't see each other on top of no family visitation. Many can't explain why but it is obvious the toll the quarantine is taking.

Anyone else seeing this? Are we risking their health in other ways to keep them safe from the virus? Staff is very proactive at trying to keep everyone in good spirits but it does not replace their family visits and their socializing with each other.


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I hear your concerns, but I think the argument is that it’s better that they’re lonely than dead. Once an outbreak starts to spread through a facility with communal living (LTC, prisons, etc) it is dang near life impossible to stop. The mortality statistics for SNFs with outbreaks are pretty horrifying. In theory the social distancing practices are only temporary, and they can eventually go back to socializing. However if an outbreak occurs, many of your residents will die. I know the reality of social distancing stinks, but you're really lucky not to have had an outbreak in your facility, and it's probably because of your proactive distancing practices.

Have you tried any sort of video chatting or conferencing with families? I’m sure you’d have to get your residents set up, but they might enjoy seeing their families that way.

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21 minutes ago, adventure_rn said:

Have you tried any sort of video chatting or conferencing? I’m sure you’d have to get them set o, but they might enjoy seeing their families that way.

This is wonderful. Families might even be willing to drop off tablets for their loved one to use.


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We do video conferencing. Pretty much funding is good and all options are available. I guess since we are not seeing active cases, it is easy to see the nasty side of isolation. It is what it is. I don’t want them exposed but it is sad to see their last part of their life so lonely with increases In confusion.

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