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As someone who suffered severe pain with endometriosis, I am so sorry to know that you are suffering so much, and especially at 25 years old!

Wish I could do something to help you, but if nothing else, I will keep you in my prayers for relief of pain!


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I have issues with lumbar disks, so can relate to your pain. I also can not take NSAIDs due to GI issues. (DANG I miss motrin). Ask your doctor about these supplements - turmeric, bromelain, boswellin and ginger. You can look them up on It will tell you how to buy the supplement (what is the best form and how much active ingredient to look for) and how to take it and for how long. These all act as anti-inflammatories, but no GI upset (for me anyway). And they work for me as well as motrin. Whole Foods used to sell a supplement with them all in it, but I can't find it anymore so Ibuy them all separately. Just be sure to talk to your MD first. Good luck.

Couldn't find a date. But today is January 29, 2005. Sacroiliitis is not fun! and it definitely affects the quality of life. I was diagnosed in the fall and my primary physician sent me to Mayo Clinic Rheumatology for evaluation and treatment plan. So far I have had tests, P.T. and SI joint injections under CT with Kenalog and Marcaine(sp) done at Mayo. My next appointment is Tuesday, 2/1 at Mayo.

The injections and P.T. helped a lot. Right now I'm pretty good. I use Tramadol 50mg at night and this really helps me wake up in the morning without so much aching and I can walk better. I slept better right away after the injections. I used to get great relief with Vioxx and other NSAIDs but can no longer use them after a bout with colitis.

I've been e-mailing another nurse too. You can e-mail me at:

[email protected]

Will look forward to hearing from you.


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I know you are on the opposite coast, but google Dr. James Rainville of New England Baptist hospital. He has a much different approach to back pain than most other doctors. He may have trained someone out west in his methods. Good luck!

Hi, I have had Sacroiliitis for close to 8-9 months now and have been off of work for a year due to a MVA. I have had facet injections, SI injections, steroid injections, and now and trying prolotherapy which is supposed to tighten up my torn and loose ligaments. I am now looking onto Radiofrequency treatment where they ablate the nerve that is firing too much and causing my constant pain. I am on Oxycontin 10mg 1tab po BID, Oxycodone 10mg po PRN, Neurontin 3000mg po qd, Tylenol 3000mg po qd. i have been on everything and nothing is working. The physiatrist I have been going to has said that there is really nothing else they can do which I don't believe. I brought up the radiofrequency option and he said that that was a treatment but it wasn't a for sure thing. I am up in arms-I am 25 yrs old and in constant, pulsating pain. Anyone else out there like me or am I the only one?


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OK so what exactly is this? Someone please educate me.............


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It is inflammation to varying degrees of the sacroiliac joint, which is a synovial joint between the sacral part of the spine and the iliac bone of the pelvis.


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Thanks after I studied the word I figured it out.............So many nurses in pain, sometimes I wonder if it's worth it.

I just had a cervical disc repair and have ben off work since the end of January without pay and payin insurance out of pocket as it can't be termed on the job injury. Now I am looking at left shoulder repair. Had an MRI yesterday and get the results tomorrow.

Got a wicked UTI during my hospital stay (overnight) and am on my second round of macrobid...................

Hope you all feel better soon.


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HI, I Also sufer from this, I found out today. i am 26 years old, I am in shock, probebly as you where. tell me how this effected your job, can you carry pations and etc? I work in icu, i wonder can i go on working there...

where did you work?


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From what I've seen on the forum, it seems like it's been a while since anyone replied. I am a nurse in a local hospital that worked on a medical/telemetry floor. I injured by back March 16, 2009 when a patient 300+ pounds was lowered to floor by PT assistants and couldn't get her back up. My hospital has the typical hoyer lift, but not one that lowers to the floor. Therefore, 5 of us had to lift patient using a blanket, to sit her upright into a wheelchair.

About half way standing up, I received a shooting pain in my lower back that radiated into R buttock and into R leg. MRI showed I had a small centrally located bulge at L5-S1. No evidence of nerve root impingement. Of course had to go through workers' comp and 90 days by their doctor making me feel like it was just a sprain and shouldn't be causing this pain. After my 90 days tx with their doctor, I requested a second opinion from a neurosurgeon of my choice, which they were not happy with. He ordered a bone scan that was read by radiologist as negative, but neurosurg. felt was positive to R sacroiliitis. In meantime was sent to IME (indep. medical exam). Report showed that first physician I had seen, which was their physician also said sacroiliitis, but never told me that.

I have had oral steroids with no relief. PT with lumbar traction, E-stim and ultrasound. Some relief but only for short period. Trigger pt injection with no relief. Epidural with small amt of relief for only a week or so. Just had an SI joint injection 2 days ago. Pain was relieved until local anesthetics wore off. Currently in worse pain, but told it is expected and steroid should kick in in 2-5 days.

Recieved a message from employee health that I have an appt with director of Empl. Health next week due to my attendance. Days I've missed for my back, I've had notes to cover me. I did have to miss 3 days due to my daughter's illness and babysitting issues with my mother-in-law. I am fearful they are going to can me and use attendance as the excuse instead of workers' comp. I really have not wanted to get involved with an attorney because I enjoy what I do and have liked working at this hospital. I've been with them for 2 years.

I did contact an attorney now because of my fear of termination. I am awaiting a return call today. I am only 30 years old with 3 children 11 yrs, 4 years and and a dgt that will be 3 in Oct. This injury has affected my life in so many ways between my job, my family, my ability to physically take care of my home, things like bathing the little ones causes extreme pain in my back. My husband has been wonderful to me. Doing most the things like bathing the little ones, lifting laundry baskets, carrying all the groceries etc. I have been on light duty for most the time and it is painful to me. I am either sitting at a desk or am walking all over our large hospital. I am tired of being treated like crap from the emplyee health staff.

Sorry this is so long. I needed to vent to others whom have suffered this diagnosis and how its affected your lives. I would appreciate any feed back or suggestions. I am a nurse in need to support.




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Don't panic Missy, you have enough on your plate. I am no lawyer but I don't think your employer can fire you regardless of your previous attendance history because you were hurt on the job. You have Dr's notes so what can they really say?

I started my current job pregnant and right after starting my SI joint pain got so unbearable I couldn't walk. I had to go out on disability with 2 months on the job. They didn't fire me, I think they were too afraid of a lawsuit. Now that I am back at work the left side is killing me. I also have an L4, L5-S1 herniation from a car accident and the weakness there is what I think caused the SI joint pain. It is so hard, I understand how you feel trying to work and take care of a family when you can barely take care of yourself from the pain. I just had cortisone injections yesterday and am going back for trigger point injections in 3 weeks. I really hope it works. Just make sure you keep getting Drs notes and documenting everything and you should be fine.

I just received results from my recent MRI - acute sacroiliitis! I knew I had suffered this in the past, but my orthopod said it was rare for it to show up on the MRI; that mine was an acute case.

Does anyone else suffer from this? There are no surgical options, only meds and PT.

Would love to hear from you if you experience this and how you relieve your pain.

I have had this problem for years. There is a surgical option. Fusion surgery of the SI joints. I have been doing some research and have found that it has helped some. I will try and find the link for you. Like other spine fusion surgeries, I suspect that its a 50/50 shot. it may help, then again it may ruin ya! I am skeptical because I watched my father and my grandfather go through Fusions in their L spine and both of them had extremely poor results. I will look for the link. I have found that staying active, ie, walking and bike riding help but it is certainly not a cure and has never decreased the pain by more than about 25%

MIS Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Surgery | iFuse Implant System | SI-BONE Here is the link for the SI Joint fusion surgery.
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