Anyone else dealing with unemployment $ (BLEEP!)?


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I start a new job tomorrow and I still have not even received an unemployment check...they better retroactive that stuff because no one is saying "oh you lost your job? thats ok, you don't have to pay your mortgage until you find another one"...


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I got denied the same week I found a job. It depends on where you're at, but you can appeal for back pay. One of my friends appealed and won, but it took several months for it.


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how is it that people cant find a job in nursing??? just to test the market, I applied to 3 different hospitals this week, got a call the next day for interview and so far 2 offers..... making more than what im making now..... I may actually jump to another hospital after 10 years of duty at my current place....

Depends on where you're at. It took me 6 weeks to find a job. I have 3 years of varied experiences, good references, and was willing to take anything.