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Anyone currently enrolled in Excelsior???

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by DanisTeeta DanisTeeta (Member)

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I am planning on beginning the LPN/RN bridge with EC in October.

Anyone out there doing it yet???

How is it???

Is it a truly self-study based program??

What are the books like?? Study guides??

How have the tests been???

and finally............

whats the w/e clinical thing like??? Do you pick your location???


Teeta :monkeydance:

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ALL self-study. Study guides and books.

The texts are fine. I don't know against what to compare them - they're nursing texts.

The study guides are pretty useful. I use them solely to find out which chapters to read.

Pay the $60 for the on-line practice tests. Money well spent.

The tests are NCLEX-like. If you test well this program is for you.

No idea yet on clinicals.

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