Anyone Been Pregnant or IS Pregnant During Nursing School?


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I swear half my class is pregnant...


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I know 4 women who were pregnant and delivered throughout different parts of their nursing program. All were successful, only one took a term off.

If it's right for you do it. You can't base life decisions on "what if's?" If we did, we'd never do anything!


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I would say its physically possible to go back a week after birth, but you are not going to want to. You will want to spend time with your new child and bond. You could even get postpartum depression from not spending much time with your child. Another thing, if you are breastfeeding you will have to worry about breast pumping every 4 or more hours as needed. Also worry about bleeding/d/c. You may be worn out. It depends on your tolerance for things really. I would at least plan to have a child that is due sometime during a break. You should AT THE VERY LEAST take 2 weeks off.

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its extremely hard. my son is 7 months and very active. managing studying, spending time with him and rest is an obstacle. i also had to postpone my start date which was last august


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When I started nursing school in August 09, I had just recently found out that we were pregnant after a whole year of trying. The saying is most definitely true, that when you stop paying attention that's when it happens. I had totally given up and was more focused on getting into the program. I remember feeling so worried after I was accepted and then pregnant at the same time. I prayed about it, had my baby and the following week I was back in school. I was so determined to get through it all and not fail out. I've read several posts where some students were allowed to sit out a semester, however, at my school if one decides to sit out, they must get accepted again along with waiting an entire year for the class to be offered again!

Thankfully, I have a supportive DH who steps in to when studying is a must. So, here I am today with a healthy 14 month old and 1 month shy of graduation. This has been thus far, one of the hardest things I've ever done. My two cents is, if you can postpone having a baby while in school do it, it's difficult trying to stay focused, study, work, and having a baby to care for in the process.

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