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Anyone applying to NGCSU Fall 2012?

Hi, I'm new to this site, and I just wanted to see who has all applied to North Georgia College and State University. Anyone with experiences, or others who have applied please reply with your stats...It would be greatly appreciated!

I'm just trying to get a general idea of what my stats should be like or what I should expect if im accepted. I have a 3.5 GPA and I just recently took my TEAS saturday so I am waiting on my score (Crosses fingers) :):):):)


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I have applied to NGCSU for Fall 2012 :) I applied last year and got waitlisted, my GPA was lower and I hadn't completed A&P or Micro yet. When I called they told me the reason I didn't get in was because of the science classes. This year I am applying with around a 3.5 or 3.6 GPA (I should probably check) and a 79.3 TEAS score. I have also made an A in both of the A&P courses and labs and I am wrapping up Microbiology with an A. I am pretty confident this year. Last year I was #20 on the waitlist with a much lower GPA and no sciences. They say you don't need any prerequisites on the website but after speaking with the nursing program there it really makes a difference.

Your stats are awesome! I'm sure you will get in. I have an A in micro, but B in A&P 1 and it seems that I will also be getting a B out of part 2. My Teas score wasn't all that great, but I'm taking it again in December in Lawrenceville. How did you study for it? December will be my last chance :( its all so scary because I really want to get in!

I used the TEAS book to study but honestly it didn't help much. I did really bad in science but the other portions brought my total score back up some. I will have my fingers crossed for you!

Hey guys! I am also applying for fall 2012. My GPA is 3.81 and I made a 79.9 on my TEAS. I'm taking the TEAS again soon in hopes of getting a B. After this semester I will be finished with all my pre-requisites. Human A&P 1 lecture and lab I got As and Human A&P 2 lecture I got a B and lab I got A. Finishing up micro now, thank goodness! My advise for the TEAS is to study the study guide!

Hi boo1001... your stats are awesome as well! Ugh this makes me scared because I can't get out of the 65-69 range on the TEAS. its really upsetting. But are you referring to the ATI book? would taking it late December be to late to have it in by the deadline in January?

Hey AshBrock 1091!

Sorry I haven't written back in a while, I have been so busy with finals! I'm sure you can relate. My final stats to turn in is GPA 3.78, B in micro lecture and A in micro lab. I made As in Human A&P lecture and lab and a B in Human A&P 2 lecture and an A in lab.

Yes I was referring to the ATI study guide. It seemed to be very helpful except it didn't help much for the science portion of the test. I'm almost positive North Ga requires your latest TEAS score to be submitted by January 9th. I hope your finals went well! Good luck with everything :)

Okay well I will be sure to look at that study guide. And yes finals were okay. My final stats were A in micro and A in micro lab, B in A&P 1, but I received a C in A&P 2...that's my only C :( do you think that C in Anatomy will kill my chances of getting in?

I have applied, this is my first application with them. I have all my pre-req's completed, 4.0 GPA, 84% TEAS V (individual score, overall program percent was 95th).

Making a C will not kill your chances of getting in - I know someone who got in with C's, B's, and A's and a TEAS score in the 70's...she has posted her stats on this site. So, yes, you can get in ... just don't give up!

Also, not all colleges require the TEAS V. GTC has a different entrance exam and you are only required to take it AFTER you have been chosen as a possible candidate for the program.

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Does anyone know when the registars office at North Georgia will be posting our fall 2011 grades on banner for transfer students? I am getting a little worried because my transcripts have been sent and received, but no grades have shown up yet. Hopefully we will all get into the program! :lol2:

Registrars Office*

I called on Friday about that also and they told me that they were working on drop/adds since Spring semester has just started and they will be evaluating transcripts after that. Hope that helped.

I've applied. TEAS V was 68.7 and my GPA is 3.9. I took TEAS twice. In November and then January 7th. Do you know when acceptance letters go out? I heard that it was late February last year. Good luck!

I took the TEAS V at North Georgia in August '11, do I need to have the results sent to North Georgia or do they automattically get the scores for my application. I am now doubting myself and no one is around ATI or North Georgia today to help me? I appreaciate your feedback :) Good Luck everyone.

They automatically get the scores.

Last time I took the TEAS I got a 67.5 and my GPA is around 3.3 or 3.4 (I should probably check) I really want to get in, but I'm not sure if my stats are good enough :eek:

i talked to my advisor at north georgia and the letters for acceptance go out the end of february 2012.


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