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Anybody starting the FNP program graduating 2018?


I am trying to network with people who will be starting the NP program this fall so we can be each others support and bounce things off each other when need be. I am starting the program at Drexel. Anyone else starting soon? nervous? I am!! Im extemely anxious to just start and get the ball rolling already lol

I just got accepted at NAU for FNP. I'll be going part time and expect to graduate Spring '18.


Hi Lea,

Thats great!! I have a couple friends who are either graduating this year or next year and they share all of the headaches the computer programs are :woot: Also, I was told to start looking for preceptors early on. This is the biggest challenge all the students run into. Apparently finding someone to precept you in the specialty the school requires is tough. The first clinical rotation for us at Drexel is OBGYN and has been the toughest to find a preceptor for this specialty. Do you know your first rotation yet?

There is this secret FB group that is for NP students looking for preceptors. A lot of NP's who precept are part of this group and you just simply post your location and your need of preceptor for a certain specialty and someone helps you out to find you a preceptor. Let me know if you are interested in becoming a part of it.

I'd be very interested, thanks! I just signed up, so I don't think I can use the DM function yet, so let me know if there's another way of getting the info. Thank you!

Youre welcome. In order to be a part of this group you have to send me your email and then pay attention to an invite on FB to join a group, then simply accept. About a year before your clinicals, youre gonna want to post where you need a preceptor and what specialty. Then different NP's will answer or even other students.:up:


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I am super interested in this facebook group. Please PM me with details. Thanks, Susan

hi Susan,

PM me your email and i can add you to the group. youll see an invite on FB about the group. As soon as you accept you can check out everyones posts and post your own info too for help.

I am looking to start sometime this summer or maybe in the spring. Hope to be at South university. How do you pm some1? I would definitely like a support group!

I am starting with a hopeful finish date of Spring 2018. It would be really cool if this thread lasted all 3 years. If I message you my email address would you be able to send me the group?

I would like to be added to the Facebook group if it all possible! Starting Hybrid program at UT Tyler in August!

Email is Mattburkland@yahoo.com

OK Im adding those whos emails i have so far!! keep an eye on FB requests

aww im sorry. well its free, so nows a reason to have fb lol :geek:


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Dee, is that preceptor group only for FNP students, or ACNP as well?

For any NP student that needs a preceptor. if you want me to add you, i can =) but make sure I can find you on fb to add your name... i havent been able to find the other people on this board yet. The settings on fb are probably made to have only friends of friends find you. it needs to be set to have have public find you on fb. Or you can try to send me the email you use for your fb account and i can find you that way i think.


I would like to be added to the Facebook group if it all possible! Starting Hybrid program at UT Tyler in January of 2017. Do ya'll like the program so far? ant advice for a newbie like me?

my email: green_love_0905@yahoo.com



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Please add me started October 19th, 4 days in a stressed out


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How do i join please add me