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  1. The University of Texas at Tyler
  2. dmatthewb

    New grad ER FNP salary expectations

    I live in East Texas and there are 2 major hospitals in my town and 1 minor hospital. I emailed the physician/mid-level recruiter that was listed on their website and asked her what mid-levels are being started out. She emailed me back promptly and said $105,000 plus all benefits. I would suggest doing that and just tell them you are doing research about where you may want to apply. Good luck!
  3. dmatthewb

    Palliative Care NP job

    I am currently an RN working in hospice. Will graduate with my MSN FNP in about a year or so. I am considering staying with my current hospice after graduation. I live in Texas about 2 hours from Dallas and will make about $105,000 in my area plus benefits. You will love hospice and you can't beat the benefits you listed! Best of luck!
  4. dmatthewb

    Texas Tech NP 2016

    Me too!!! I had emailed GB and asked when and she said two weeks from now and then bam I get an email with my acceptance! Already paid my $100 to hold my spot! So happy! I'm transferring from an FNP program so I'm curious to how this will work!
  5. dmatthewb

    UAB NP Applicants

    Hey everybody! I just wanted to start a thread for UAB applicants for 2016. Applications are due 10/12/2015. Anybody out there yet working on theirs?
  6. dmatthewb

    Texas Tech NP 2016

    I talked to GB and was told we would know about 6 weeks after the application closes so that is around mid September but from what I have read it will be a little later maybe around first of October. I was told that it is easier to get into the programs for the Spring start date due to fewer applicants so I'm really hoping I get into the AGACNP program.
  7. dmatthewb

    Negotiating my salary is exhausting!

    Be brave and walk away! Don't put up with that kind of treatment. California is a large state that isn't the only job.
  8. dmatthewb

    Texas Tech NP 2016

    Hey all! I wanted to start a forum for TTU applicants for ANY NP program for the 2016 year. Anybody out there? I applied for AGACNP. I noticed they pushed the due date back to 10/1/2015 (was 9/1/2015). I wonder if they didn't have many applicants (at least for ACNP)? Have heard Spring is easier to get into than fall. Anybody have any info?
  9. dmatthewb

    ACNP jobs

    Glad to see some action on these boards! I'm applying for a few ACNP programs and watch this forum like a hawk.
  10. dmatthewb

    Texas Tech University AGACNP

    Yeah that is what I am finding out! I spoke with one of the ladies and she said they usually get between 100-200 applications and can take 35. I guess we will see! Are you applying?
  11. dmatthewb

    Texas Tech - Fall 2015

    Any updates on the program? I applied to start Spring 2016. Really nervous but hopeful! I'm transferring from an FNP program in TX and meet all basic requirements for admission with a solid 3.5 GPA
  12. dmatthewb

    ACNP at Texas Tech

    Did you get in? Any updates?
  13. dmatthewb

    Texas Tech ACNP Fall 2014

    I hope one of yall are still active on here and can help me out. I'm applying (to transfer from FNP) to ACNP to start Spring 2016. I have all the admission requirements listed on the TTUHSC website and feel like my personal statement was moderately strong. My question is does TTU deny any ACNP applicant admission if they meet all minimum requirements? I ask because I haven't found a situation where someone has been denied into that program?
  14. dmatthewb

    Texas Tech University AGACNP

    I was just looking for someone that has been denied from the AGACNP. There is little information that I can find on here but from what I can tell it seems that if someone has the basic admission requirements that they don't turn you away for the AGACNP program. Can someone prove me wrong? I ask because I just applied to transfer to TTU and meet all the basic requirements.
  15. dmatthewb

    Anybody starting the FNP program graduating 2018?

    I would like to be added to the Facebook group if it all possible! Starting Hybrid program at UT Tyler in August! Email is Mattburkland@yahoo.com
  16. dmatthewb

    Just landed my first hospice job! How did I do?

    Thanks for the advice! I am glad to know its a pretty good deal! Unfortunately my hospital I am currently at is throwing a huge fit! I am leaving before my two year contract (New grad RN) so I will have to pay a $2,000 fine. Which is fine and I knew I would have to pay it. Not the greatest hospital to work for, but they are being horrible about it. They told me "they don't do payment plans, and that I will either need to pay it in full or it will come out of my last paycheck (won't even be $2,000)." When I told them I can't just write them a $2,000 on a moments notice and that I would need a payment plan they said thats my problem because I am the one that chose to leave! Still working on this one though! Can't wait to start. November 4 can't get here soon enough!